Perrysburg FedEx hub to add 400 workers

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    Perrysburg FedEx hub to add 400 workers - The Blade

    Online shopping fuels need for package handlers

    Delivery giant FedEx Ground, which already employs 1,200 full and part-time workers at its operations in Perrysburg, said Thursday that it is looking to hire immediately an additional 400 package handlers at the Wood County facility to meet growing demand for its services in northwest Ohio.

    “We’re starting now and it will be ongoing,” said David Westrick, a spokesman for FedEx Ground, a subsidiary of Memphis-based FedEx Corp.

    The company is not planning any physical expansion of its 700,000-square-foot facility at 100 J St. in Perrysburg. But Mr. Westrick said there will be new equipment added at the hub, which opened in 2009, so that it can expand its package handling operations.