FedEx plans to add flight crew Quarters...

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    FedEx Plans to Add Flight Crew Quarters FedEx Corp. is planning to add sleeping quarters at its World Service Center on Democrat Road to serve flight crews, according to a $2 million building permit application filed with the city-county Office of Construction Code Enforcement.

    The project scope listed on the application includes demolishing the interior of building C to add 128 sleeping rooms and toilets for FedEx crews.

    The addition comes in the midst of other construction projects at the FedEx hub. In June, the company opened its new hub screening facility, a 30,500-square-foot facility where employees and others enter the hub on Democrat Road. The project also included a 220-foot pedestrian bridge over Democrat to connect the screening facility and a parking lot.

    FedEx plans to complete a large piece of its expansion project – a two-story, 125,102-square-foot sorting building – this fall.

    Source: The Daily News Online & Chandler Reports

    – Daily News staff
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    Wow. FedEx really treats its employees well.
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    But where is the money going to come from? We are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, and the buzzards are circling above the Memphis airport. Oh, wait, it's just another big effing lie. FedEx expands as our pay contracts. Makes perfect sense.