FedEx rings opening bell on record day

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    FedEx rings opening bell on record day - Memphis Business Journal

    FedEx Corp. is in full swing today for the busiest day in company history.

    The Memphis-based shipping giant will start picking up almost 16 million shipments worldwide today using all of its 285,000 employees.

    Today’s volume is 13 percent higher than last year’s busiest day and double the amount handled on an average day in the FedEx network.

    FedEx (NYSE: FDX) expects to move more than 223 million shipments in its global networks between Thanksgiving and Christmas — a year-over-year increase of 11 percent.

    More than half of the holiday season volume increase will be from FedEx SmartPost shipments.

    FedEx SmartPost volume is largely driven by online retailers and cataloguers who ship high volumes of lighter shipments to residential customers.