FedEx sorting stations open for part of Christmas

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    There will be limited FedEx deliveries in the U.S. by vehicle on Christmas and the company won't be operating any aircraft for deliveries between points in the U.S., so customers are being encouraged to pick up their packages at their local stations if they want to make sure they have them on the holiday, spokeswoman Carla Boyd said.

    Bigger rival UPS Inc. plans to maintain its tradition of giving all U.S. employees the holiday off, spokesman Norman Black said.

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    I spoke to the FedEx driver on my area yesterday and he told me that they asked for volunteers (5-6) to work today. They were then told that if not enough volunteered they would force from the bottom up, which was later retracted by corporate. I guess they did get a couple of volunteers. The P.O. will be out delivering Express today. I'm sorry, I am not going to give up my holiday just because someone did not get their slippers ordered on time.
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    I would not be happy to be delivering anything from Zappo's or such today; A human heart, maybe, but definitely not Zappo's or such.:happy2:

    Merry Christmas!
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    Every FedEx station is open from 8 to 12 today so customers can pick-up all the pkgs we didn't deliver, which are a lot(tens of thousands in my district) First, FedEx grossly underestimated peak volumes and didn't hire any runners or enough rental vehicles. Second, bad weather throughout most of the US caused a lot of issues. In my region, both management planning and responses were piss-poor, making a bad situation worse.
    Finally, emphasizing pinching pennies over customer service will come back to bite FedEx in the ass, especially when Aunt Jennie opens that perishable food product that needed to be delivered the day before Christmas instead of 3 days after. Pathetic, but predictable.

    I hope Smith gets about a thousand emails from ticked-off shippers who saw their perishable (expensive) food products rot in a warehouse instead of sitting on someone's holiday table.
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    We took Volunteers at our station, most were single young guys, who didn't mind
    earning 2.5x pay, I think we had about 120 pieces that came in late and not attempted.
    not too bad.
    Sad thing is trying to explain to people why snow in OR affects Deliveries in NC...
  6. Fredly.I believe you are mistaken it is not double time and a half unless they do things different where you are.Here in the north east its time and a half with a day off to be used in the next month.Fedex rules and regulations seem to change from station to station and state to state.Mr FEDEX is correct in saying that the incompentence of Fedex engineers and management is the reason for all the problems on Christmas eve day.In most stations there were not enough vehicles,understaffing of delivery couriers and a failure to expect a increase in volume.As I have stated in other threads WAKE UP FRED.It is time to promote competent and qualified people to engineers and management.The lousy service Fedex gave their customers, both shippers and recipients will not win people over to use Fedex over U.P.S in the attempt to gain former customers of D.H.L.The Purple Promise went out the window.
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    The Express driver I talked to out of Albany said the same to me.
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    We were delivering pkgs today that were due on the 23rd...not good.
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    You get your holiday pay for the day,(4-P/T , 8-F/T),
    and then 1.5x for working on a scheduled day off.

    So it equals 2.5x pay for part of your day.

    This is for express couriers, Ground or otherwise I dont know
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have been curious about this but have forgotten to ask until now. Do FedEx ground drivers pay their own helpers or does FedEx pay?
  11. New Englander

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    Happens with every shipping company.
  12. The Fedex Ground and Fedex Home independent contractors have to pay for the lease of Fedex vehicle,fuel,repairs,insurance.They also have to pay for the uniforms,powerpads and printers.So guess what, they also have to pay the people they use to help them or work for them.Plus the people they hire must be approved by Fedex.Dont believe the B.S that Fedex hands out saying you can make 80,000 dollars a year owning your own route.Thats gross not net for 1 year.