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    I was wondering what the positive and negatives are for each. My friend is working for fedex home delivery and gets off work by 4 p.m. everyday. I heard UPS drivers work very long hours. Any thoughts?
  2. i heard from a fedex driver that their fedex "bosses" were telling the drivers to deliver 6 days a week. sure sounds like they're treating the drivers like employees rather than independent business owners. i'm sure the fedex drivers have to follow the same hours of service rules as ups does, and i'm sure they have to keep logs of some type. sounds to me like someone should look at their logs.
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    ups drivers don't have to keep logs like semi-drivers do. The are required by ICC regulations to work less than 60 hrs per week. This is strictly adhered to. NO exceptions. Hours worked per ICC regulations are never an issue except during peak, and it is still strictly adhered to. We clock in and out every day, just like everybody else does. This is how they keep track. Fedex drivers who are homre by 4 every day...hmmm, I wonder how much money they really make. I've driven a brown truck for 23 years and I make over $70,000 per year, plus benefits.
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    I can see them being home by 4pm. I was talking with a Fed Ex driver who delivers in my area, and he said he starts at 7am. We are lucky to be out of the building by 9:30am...:ohmy:
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    FedEx Boosts Dividend 11 Percent
    Friday May 25, 3:42 pm ET FedEx Increases Quarterly Dividend 11 Percent to 10 Cents Per Share
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- FedEx Corp., which provides transportation and business services, said Friday its board increased its quarterly dividend by a penny to 10 cents per share. The dividend is payable July 2 to shareholders of record June 11.

    Well whoop-dee-doo !!
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    A whole ten cents a share? Wow, I've got to go out and buy me some of that!:laugh:
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    Find another friend who works for UPS and you'll see the difference.
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    Lets see I've sat in both trucks(currently FedEx Express)
    First off the one major difference is pay..nobody touches UPS pay rates.

    At UPS(U):this data will vary depending on area) FedEx(E)
    I'll try to cover a few areas of interest:

    U: Check for pulse, background check(if a driver)
    E: Extensive Application(lots of forms etc)
    Extensive person to person interviews

    U: Inside, pretty basic, but thrown right into work first day(thats fine really
    U: Driver, 7 day course, covers driving and delivery, some on road training adaquate
    E: Courier(driver) 2 Day intensive Defensive driving course, 10 day intensive courier course.

    Daily Work day
    U: Start at 9:15, on road 10:00, work 9-10 hours brings you home well after dinner time daily.
    E: Start at 7-8 load your own truck, on the road by 9:30, done work at 5:30pm daily

    Thats all I have for now... I really liked working for UPS when I was there, unfortunately where I was located seemed to have some issues that were unable to be resolved by management(they really couldn't make any decisions... IE does that daily during the phone calls) why some drivers would be done daily at 4pm while others were out till 9pm or later daily with
    no changes(even with greivences)

    I enjoy working for Express now, employees interact, manager is very approachable, the kind of person you wouldn't mind playing golf with.
    Yeah the pay is less, but so is the stress and workload...