Feeder Fatality

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    Didn't see any mention of this on Browncafe.


    Heard through the Feeder News Network that the pickup/camper driver had been drinking and was parked on the shoulder. He pulled back onto the highway directly into the path of the feeder driver. Feeder driver swerved to avoid and ended up rolling the doubles into the guardrail and median.


    Condolences to his family.

    We all joke about what a gravey train feeders is but it all can be over in a split second!
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    There is a thread on this somewhere on BC.

    This is why you never,NEVER, trust another vehicle on the road to do the right thing.

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    Sad. Seen pics of this one. Nothing left of tractor except frame and stack. Sad 4 sure.
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    I heard that the gentleman could have retired a few years back. Prayers for his loved ones.