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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by proboxtosser, Nov 3, 2005.

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    I just got the job as a loader/unloader,but will begin deliveries soon as an old moving violation clears up. The hr in my hub said theres a big need for drivers but that they dont advertise that way. Anyway my question would be if theres a need for package car drivers would there also be a big need for feeders cuz that is what i eventually want to do. If there isnt a big need for feeders does any1 know an average time frame that it could take to get that position. Do i have to be a package car driver first or could i just apply.

    By the way i would like to thank every1 for there input becuz this website really showed me a side to ups i never heard of, but not to surprised to hear cuz im a ex fredex driver and have sometimes seen worse,drivers fired for nonsense.

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    Well, to become eligable for the PT to FT transfer you have to be an employee in good standing and also be an employee for at least one year just to place your name on the list. How long is the wait where you are? From the way you worded your message, you seem to believe you will become a driver in 2 months from now? That's not how it works.
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    This is one of those questions thats difficult to answer because it really depends on your area. There are probably areas where you may have to wait 10 or more years and other areas where we are hiring feeder drivers off the street. The best one to probably answer that question would be a feeder person in your building.