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    I'm not an avid investor at the moment, but I've been testing the waters of our Roth 401k in a Bright Horizon Fund for the last year. After searching for a while I finally found the page where it shows the Fees and Expenses on the Prudential website. Being that I'm still a bit new to this, am I wrong in thinking that when I have a quarter showing Additions of $116.67 and Deductions of $6.46 that this seems high? Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here? We are saving for a down payment on a house which is why I'm not investing more at the moment, but if these are really high fees then maybe I should consider a different option for when I do raise the amount I want to invest. Anyone with more knowledge than I can feel free to chime in. Thanks.
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    Your statement should provide a breakdown of the $6.46 in deductions.
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    I've never gotten any paper statements from them, but I can do custom statements and quarterly statements on their site. The breakdown in this instance of the quarter was

    -Plan administration expense 1.96
    -Third Party Fees .20
    -Plan administration expense 1.96
    -Third Party Fees .20
    -Plan administration expense 1.94
    -Third Party Fees .20

    I just didn't know if their was anywhere that they had to state a specific "We take out xx% in expenses and fees". Or is the only way to figure it out to use my pay stubs that show how much was taken out and compare that up against these statements?
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    Ok, I just went through the upsers website to get to the teamsters site (I had been going to the prudential site) and found this so I guess I have my answers. Thanks

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    Mine was $6.48 for last quarter, similar breakdown as yours. These fees are nominal in relation to my balance. I am mostly in S&P500 which has the lowest fees, though. Odd that they are only a couple cents different.