Fighting about a bad knee....pls help

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    Let me start at the beginning ....I have been with company since '96...and I hurt my left knee at work about 6 years ago( stepped on 1 of those stupid crayrons that preload used and slipped down the steps of the truck) I was out about 5 months after surgery....then a few years later I got rear ended on route( I stopped for a school bus lady on cellphone did not) hurt my back was out for another 5 months

    OK now for my current problem...this past Jan. As I was delivering my airs slipped on some icey steps caught myself hurt but I shook it off and kept going( this was a Thursday) route is pretty far from the building so at the end of the day after driving back to the building my right knee was pretty stiff.....shocker there was no management in the this point I didn't think much more then some ice and a cocktail would be needed to take care of day which is Friday the knee is blown still swollen and I call my supervisor ..tell him what happen...he reluctantly gave me the day off....I didn't give him a choice...more ice and cocktails over the weekend didn't help... my knee anyway....Monday call him back ....we do the whole UPS Medical Dr. Exam...they say bad sprain maybe more you need to see an Ortho.....go back to building write a report of what happen take a online test about slips and falls....
    THIS PART is IMPORTANT I signed a report that I took online test!
    hire an attorney that day because I know how UPS and LiberityMutural act.......My Ortho says(after an MRI) that I've ruptured my ACL...torn my MCL....and screwed up the meniscus.....Och...

    UPS Dr. For 2nd opinion agrees make arrangement for surgery later same day I get a call saying UPS is fighting this......

    The management filled in on the report that " I didn't know when or where I hurt myself...only that I hurt it" ...this was after I had signed off that I took the online test...

    So now I'm waiting for a hearing to decide how this is going to end....that's sometime in April......I,m pretty broke right now....I believe that UPS is just F in with me and making this as uncomfortable as possible for me
    Has anyone out the had this same problem before?
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    When it comes to work comp-UPS will screw with you every chance it gets. Get a GOOD lawyer. Good luck.
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    Everyone learn from this. DON'T WALK ON ICE! Especially steps. Take a picture if you're called on it. Bag the package and d/r. Also take a picture of the crayon on the floor off your pc. Show preloaders PT supe, Preload Mgr, your On car, center manager, and the hourly CHSC of your choice. Pester them into submission, you want to drill safety into us, well here's where all your safety drivel has led to. Oh and DON'T WALK ON ICE...Ups people are taught to value and are held accountable for their personal safety. Rinse...repeat as necessary.
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    ...and another thing. Just had this conversation with a co-worker. Although the company (center level management anyway) frowns on it, any time you hurt yourself, FILE AN INJURY REPORT! You might make it through current day accident happened. But at night it flares up. You might not feel so bad after working all day, but once you stop the swelling can get pretty bad. Cover your ass, as has been said on these forums so many times. Start documentation. Here's where this gets important. Next day maybe you feel you can go, maybe you can't, they know you're hurt they can hold you back/off, the ball is in their court. No more accusations of you shouldn't have worked, you made it worse, or even you did it on your own time and are laying it in our lap. I have seen every scenario possible. You get hurt on the job FILE AN INJURY REPORT, it's really that simple. It doesn't keep me in the good graces of center manager's who are obviously somehow rated on this. But they get over it, we move on, shortly thereafter they are reassigned. I have filed 6 reports in 25 years and have missed a grand total of 1 day, a day I was already scheduled off to attend a concert. Don't allow yourself to be coerced or intimidated not to file an injury report. Don't fall for the line come in early we'll do it then. center manager, OCS gone for night, get the reload sup. hell all you need is the 800# from the OMS to get the "ball rolling". Hopefully you also have some sort of proof that you contacted ctr during the day after injury for further proof, txt msg, diad msg etc...I've seen this happen too many times center manager's know it's wrong but they get coerced and intimidated just like they pass it down to us. Learn from your fellow brothers and sisters mistakes. Don't let it happen to you!
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    We are not allowed to send an ODS or text message if we get injured--we must call our center manager. I rolled my ankle a while ago, called my center manager, told him I could finish the day but would need to get it looked at after I punched out. My on-car went with me. Turns out it wasn't that bad and was told by the doctor and my on-car to take the next day off and rest. No injury report was needed but your advice to file one just in case is good advice.
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    I am going thru something basically the same thing right now. Injured my shoulder, received 2 surgeries and am getting fought every step of the way over this. File an injury report and talk to an attorney right away. Most will not charge unless there a recovery for you. Trust me, it worth the chat. You will be amazed at the slimy tricks from every one involved (TM, supervisors, claims adjusters, and people higher up the food chain) keep everything from emails, letters, and voice messages) they can be invaluable. Be careful how you answer any questions (they will hold it against you). Some of this answer may seem a little disgruntled and it may be out of frustration and the lack of concern this company shows its injured workers. You also have to remember that every state has different rules regarding your situation. If you want to understand more, google LM complaints. It will not take long to find out what your up against reading the posts on that site.