Fighting for Full-Time 22.3 Job Creation

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brother Joe, May 10, 2012.

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    Membership action has started to pay off. After stonewalling, the IBT and UPS finally started settling grievances and creating some 22.3 jobs in some locals.

    But the IBT still can’t say how many Article 22.3 jobs are filled nationally—and how many UPS still has to create to be in compliance with the contract.

    We need to make sure that UPS fills and maintains every single one of the 20,000 full-time 22.3 jobs it owes Teamster members under the contract.

    Teamsters for a Democratic Union has successfully helped UPS Teamsters across the country to win full-time 22.3 in their locals. Want help winning 22.3 jobs in your local?
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    They have 4 openings in my hub. 12 years+ to be considered. Its not much, but atleast its something.
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    We have one guy who works preload, then runs air. That's a 22.3 right? 8 hr day with both shifts?
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    Let me know if & when they fill them.
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    At the Whites Creek hub in Nashville , we have a new Amazon account as well as a couple other new accounts that have really added to our volume . As a result of this new volume we now have had LOTS of movement within all classifications ,feeder,package car and combo . I have never seen this much movement since I have been employeed (1993) . Given the recession and U.P.S.'s conservative hand on accelerating the full-time jobs at our local hub , I am pleased to see the movement going on . We have a feeder department of 375+ drivers ,in which it usually takes 4-6 years to attain seniorty , We have had maybe 20 to 25 new fulltime feeder drivers gain seniorty in less than 3 months , and about 40 more now moved into the feeder department from other ares ( package car and combo ) , that allows part-time employees move up . We also have had our Local Union 480 assertain I believe between 13-15 combo jobs that had been stalled on in being filled from previous positions in combo being vacated from people moving to feeders or package from combo , or from people loosing their jobs from termination . Whatever the case may be , these combo jobs have als added to the movement ging on at our facility from both full-time and part-time employees gaining new jobs and furthering their careers here at Whites Creek in Nashville , TN. I am very pleased with what this movement is doing for my fellow co-workers,friends and other employees here . Again , I have been here 20 years and NEVER seen this much movement , I can only hope this is happening nationwide and that we all prosper .