Filling out EDCOR Tuition Reimbursement Application [Need some help]

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    Hello, I recently filled out the application for a tuition reimbursement. For each course, it prompted an estimated tuition amount, which came out to being about 3 grand for each course. Towards the end of the application, it automatically created a "Total Requested" amount of nearly 11,000. This was based off the amount of tuition cost of my courses. I am not requesting to have 11,000 reimbursed to me...

    Can anyone give me some idea on whether or not I filled out this application correctly because I don't want to get rejected.
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    Also another problem I encountered is that I'm taking 5 courses during my first semester. It tells me that if I'm taking more than 4 courses, I'd have to create a seperate application for the additional courses. When I tried submitting my second application with the one course left over, I was prompted with this : "
    Submit Application - Pre-Processing Results
    An initial evaluation of your application has resulted in the following rejection reasons. The items under the heading "Correctable Reasons" can be remedied by clicking the "Back - Modify Request" button and returning to the application entry page. The items under the heading "Uncorrectable Reasons" cannot be corrected because they are not based on the application information you entered. In either case you may submit your application for processing. Depending on your company's policy you may have the option of appealing any final rejection.

    [HR][/HR]Uncorrectable Reasons
    Our records indicate that you have reached your maximum benefit limit under the guidelines of your Company's policy. Please cancel previous unused approved applications. This may release unused funds for the current plan year.

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    The website for the college you are attending should have the hourly tuition rate listed. $3K/course works out to $1K/credit hour for a 3 credit course. That sounds awfully high. My son attends a state college in NY and pays $600/ credit hr.

    You will not be reimbursed $11K--I believe the annual limit is $3K with a lifetime max of $15K.