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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Treegrower, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Finally, 10 months after reconstructive shoulder surgery I am returning to work. It's a four week program to ease me back into my full-time package car driver job. 1st week--4 hr. inside light duty with 4 hrs. maximum driving delivery air.( vehicle must be automatic and power steering) 2nd week 2 hrs. inside light duty and 6 hrs. on road deivering air and misloads (same vehicle restrictions) 3rd week 8hrs on road deivering air and misloads(same vehicle restrictions) 4th week is 8hrs. MAXIMUM on my own route (same vehicle restrictions) and then starting the 5th week no restrictions on vehicle type or hours worked.
    The program was set up my hour division safety guy or division mgr. my center mgr. and my workers comp case mgr./advocate.
    I am excited to finally get back to work and get back to my job.
  2. Big Babooba

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    Good luck to you, I know what you've bee through. I've been out over 7 months because of a broken ankle.
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    Good luck to you Treegrower. I hope that you have no problems getting the center manager to abide by the work provisions that were set up. You know how it is with UPS and the work load. Things get heavy and they always want you to do more.
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    :thumbup1: Best of luck to you Treegrower, work safe and work smart.
  5. samiam

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    What the hell....ease back into work!!!! After I had TWO surgerys from a work injury it was come back at 100% or do not come back at all. First day back, had to take my whole route out.
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    Exactley!!!!(sp) Since when did UPS start getting soft!!! I came back from shoulder surgery and was thrown back into the pool with a full load. We are expected also to be 100% ready to work. Congrats (or rather good fortune) that you have a management back there who are considerate of their drivers.
  7. hseofpayne

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    Good grief my man, are you a real person?!!! I didn't know UPS had a center in The Wizard of Oz! Seriously though, congrats on what sounds like a reasonable return to work plan. I have had shoulder surgery and 3 epidural injections for 2 bulging and 1 herniated disc in my neck, was told 100% or nothing, already trying to buy me out b4 I finish treatment. If you can get this plan in writing, I would like to run it by my lawyer. Thanks. private message me if you can get that info.
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    No one is more shocked than me! I found it hard to believe but I guess I will find out come Monday morning. My case worker and surgeon worked on the the plan and my case worker took it to the safety Division Mgr. and then had a meeting with the Package Division Mgr. and my center mgr. and this is the return to work plan that they came up with and agreed to abide by. We will see. Time will tell but I am happy to be finally returning to work.
    Just as an aside... I am a 24 year vet. of UPS. All in packages. 20 of that as a full-time driver. Seen alot of strange things in my time, but this has to be one of the strangest. Also this is not 'special" to me. We have had a few drivers come back under similar circumstances.
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    Comp injuries they now ease you back in with restrictions. We had one guy they actually went thru his load and took out all pkgs weighing 50 pounds or more. Off the job injury you come back with 10.5 dispatch.
  10. DS

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    The day after I had hemmorhoid surgery,my sup called me and asked if I could come in and deliver air.
    I want to work in treegrowers center.
    Is it in a big forest? with little gnomes running around?
    At peak they get elves,not helpers?

    raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

    lip loaded cars where nothing is hidden

    brown paper packages that are still square

    treegrowers world oh I long to work there
  11. helenofcalifornia

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    No, serious now, what district, area, state, city, do you work in? General info is good enough for me. How progressive your management team is.
  12. Upslady20

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    Wow are you lucky. I am out with a foot problem and since they will not put an automatic in my slot cannot drive. No restrictions or no work. I am glad they treat you fairly.. I have 22 years in and realize I have turned into just a number to them.
  13. toonertoo

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    Get into water therapy NOW, if not sooner.
    I broke mine 4yrs in a row, went to water therapy and (knock on wood) its been 10 yrs since the last one
    You need to get it strong or one wayward rock, hole, or crack in a sidewalk, and you will be back where you are now. Trust me I know..2nd break, a rock, 3rd a hole, and fourth a crack in the sidewalk:w00t:
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    Thanks for the info. I'll look into it. I was doing 20 hours a week of work hardening therapy until Liberty Mutual cut me off.