Finding Brown turtleneck shirts

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  1. Used to be able to get Brown turtleneck shirts with UPS logo. Does anyone know where I can get these. Cintas has the mock turtlenecks, but it gets really cold up here in North NH, I'd rather wear a real turtleneck shirt.
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    Probably be easier to move.
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    WalMart. They won't have the logo but they are brown and they are warm. White is also acceptable.
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    Looked in my closet, and I have one left that I haven't used since retiring 6 years ago. Also, I have one of those rain jackets someone else was looking for but believe me you are dryer without it even if it is raining. Sweat terribly in the dam thing. Will sell both if interested.


    under armour makes one for the army in brown that you can find on e-bay I have the summer and winter models both work pretty well
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    I wear a under armour cold gear mock turtleneck... It comes in brown but you can only find it in a sporting goods store that sells hunting gear... It keeps your extremly warm and if you want to spend the extra money they also sell a matching cold gear pant... You wouldnt need anymore than the uniform and coat with both of those on to stay nice and warm...
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    Under and they ship ups..... 1/4 zip up w/tee shirt and long sleeve and vest is what I wear.
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    Can't shop at Walmart. They ship Fedex. I found brown ones at Kohls.
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    Also cheaper
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    I heard from a source in the Baltimore hub that we lost Under FedEx.

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    The brown from Under Armour is available out of their tactical gear catalog. If you have a police supply place in your town they should be able to get them for you and if you are good with the people they may give you a discount. Or try your old Google search button for Under Armour Tactical.
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    As far as turtlenecks, I order mine from Lands End. They are inexpensive, and Lands End ships UPS.
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    Try under armor I found a brown one @ a close out store in Florida once
    wish I would of bought more!
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    Hey, In the Nashua center we can wear white turtlenecks without getting any crap, per management, and we get away with black ones if uniforms aren't the flavor of the month.
    I could never understand why black shoes, black belt, and black gloves (if you want to wear them) are completely acceptable but, god forbid, it's a black t-shirt...
    Oh wait, I remember why it's an issue, because management has nothing better to do...

    Go to Target, WalMart, where ever and find brown ones that are close in color. They're out there...
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    I bought mine at Kohls. No emblem, but who cares?
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    Actually the brown is no longer available from the Tactical line of UA. Very few law enforcement departments still sporting the Mayberry police look, and since the Army changed to Desert Sand ACU, UA has decided the demand for Brown was minimal and discontinued that color in it's tactical line of apparel.

    You may still be able to find some through other vendors who still have some old inventory though.
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    I never thought of that. I have always gotten my brown t-shirts from Sportsmans Guide. They weren't there last time I looked, but I found some on EBay. Careful of the color if you do this tho, I ordered "light brown" and it was really "dark yellow". The seller did exchange them for dark brown for me.

  19. White is fine, but I prefer brown. I do wear black, but like you said if uniforms are the flavor of the month I'm told not to wear them. I was one of the original drivers in Nashua east back in 1989 when it opened up. Way up north now, better, but still UPS.