Fired for something that happened a month ago?


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We have people that only show up 2-3 days a week in our building, they can’t keep people so they say nothing, is there more to the story?


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Just because management says something is gross insubordination, doesn't mean what really happened actually was even failure to work as directed.
Management is often at least somewhat twisted.
Management lies often.
Management members will conspire to make things up.
Management often has an irrational belief of the range & scope of their authority. Power outage district vice president shows up. Operations instructed to call power company (Operations Manager calls SCE ) Mr Maasie wants the power turned back on now !

All agree
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Hello! On 6/13 I went to work at my local hub, everything was normal as usual until I noticed my building manager by my unload trailer. He then began to question me and ask me if I was ok, trying to get a rise out of me. I told him that I was perfectly fine and I would appreciate if he leave me alone and work. He then tries to defend himself and say he is not harassing me. He then takes it a step further and says he is calling my steward over to talk with me.

About 5 minutes pass by and my steward and security show up at my unload door. The steward advises me to bring my belongings. When I got to the bottom of the ladder he said we were going to the building managers office to have a talk. When we get to his office he begins to question me about my attendance. My manager asked me what happened on 5/14 and why I didnt show up. I told him I dont know and then he proceeds to ask me for my UPS i.d. I talked with my steward for a minute and he told me that the manager is allowed to ask for my i.d which confuses me because they are bringing up something that happened a month ago, and I have gotten no letters in the mail.

The building manager then advises that I be escorted out of the building by security. On our way out we saw our BA walking in the door and stopped to talk with him for a minute. He said that he was going to keep in contact with me and reach out soon. Well, it has been a month since Ive been fired and I have recieved no information about what is going on.

No call or messages from UPS or my union. This whole situation seems fishy and I am not sure if the union is protecting me to the full extent. I messaged my steward 2 days ago and he says because I didnt file a grievance I'm pretty much done. I have been working with UPS for 5 years and still want my job. Are they doing me dirty by not going through the firing/grievance process or can I possibly be rehired? It is just hard for me to understand how they can use something against me a month ago when I even asked for time off, thank you for your time
Next time call in and stop being a slacker. My guess is you used the phone plenty on the 14 of May, just not to call work.