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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Tom Jefferson, May 29, 2019.

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    so today was my first day as a loader (twilight). it seems like it's going to be work, however I don't think it was like "let me drop everything and say :censored2: this job and walk out" kind of work (as I have heard of people doing) I mean, I toss lazy boy office chairs around and stuff like that all day, or maybe I haven't done :censored2: yet. I feel like my biggest challenge will be my walls and setting a pace. anything that'll help me on my journey would be much appreciated fellas.
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    When it comes to loading. Use the methods. Drink water. Use more methods. Drink water. Work safe. Be smart. Drink water. Use the methods.

    That’s about all there is to it.
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    Don’t worry about your walls looking like crap the first month or so. They will get better as time passes. I’ve been a loader for almost a year and I still worry about not making enough T’s. I know it’s frowned upon, but when I’m in busy trucks I make wide walls and put the bags, bulk and odd shaped boxes in the back. Management will tell you to put the small sort bags only on top, but that’s not always possible as some of the bags weigh over 100lbs. I don’t put anything over 35lbs more then halfway up the wall. Super heavy stuff just put on the sides of the trailer to make your next walls with.
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    I gave him these tips in his thread yesterday.

    This is key.

    Look at this and what I posted for you yesterday and remember it. If you do this you will be able to load at a blazing pace and your walls will look like rock solid masterpieces - truck loaded right to the roof with your smalls and bags. You won't have to play jenga to fit weird pieces and smalls into your walls and you're just tossing them behind or filling in the top.

    Simple :censored2:. You'll be awesome in like a month, a pro in 2. Just don't load too fast, or you'll find more work than you want, there's always more work for someone who looks like they can handle it. UPS will take every ounce THEY feel like you're able to give, don't give them a reason to think your not already working to your max capacity, because they will fill in the difference.
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    1 follow the methods, 2 work at a steady but safe pace, 3 dont let sups or other higher senior loaders intimidate you in to working too fast, if you do, you will make mistakes have missloads, and possibly injure yourself, and 4, STAY HYDRATED!!!!!!! that actually should be number 1, when the temp outside hits 90-100, the temps inside those trailers will reach 120+ degrees, if you need to take a couple of minutes to get some water, take it, dont worry about the boxes, take care of yourself first,
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    also read through the New Hire sticky at the top of the page, lots of good info there
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    I have a feeling they’re about to try and work the :censored2: out of me lol. Other guy I got hired with got sent home and the sup wanted to keep me around. That’s a bad thing I’m going to assume
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    As a driver, all I care about is my air being in the cab and the packages on the right shelf. I don’t expect it to be in perfect order, I sort the shelves as I go anyway. Just set a good pace but don’t kill yourself. They’re not paying you enough to go above and beyond what is expected.
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    Yes, I’m guilty of it too. When I started I worked my butt off because I needed the job. I had quit my job of 21 years a couple months beforehand and got turned down at two other places I applied for. I’m expected to work through breaks to make sure my busy truck is clear. If I work too fast then they make me put bulk into other trucks. Everyone gets sent home everyday by 9-9:30am and I have to stay until 10:30 or longer. They feel that I’m being rewarded with more hours and OT, but I feel like I’m being punished having to do the hardest part of the job by myself.
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    No it means they think youre faster than the other guy. Its a good thing if you want work, but honestly whats your endgame?
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    Driver. At this point i would probably take supervisor and just get a little bit of that under my belt. I’m really not sure. Some guy went home and a bunch of :censored2:ing call ins. I found myself with my own trailer(3rd day), and the :censored2: was like a high volume trailer at that... I tried my best to keep up but :censored2: was hitting the floors and all