First it was the evil rich and......

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    Now it's the evil poor!

    Seems to me, both sides have it badly wrong!

    I wonder how many of these republicans on the one hand advocate a type "cashless" society Monday through Saturday but then on Sunday shout Amen at every chance when the preacher extolls the evils of the antichrist and his own cashless society and mark of the beast. Wanna bet they have no mirrors in their lives?
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    WK...ya might want to read this:

    Lefty Blogger Exposes How Political Lies Are Spread Over Liberal Blogosphere

    If you frequent liberal blogs, you were likely under the impression this weekend that Minnesota state Republicans were trying to make it illegal for the poor to carry more than $20 in their pockets or handbags.
    Fortunately the Left has someone in its ranks interested in exposing lies rather than spreading them:

    Someone on Twitter asked me last night if I’d heard about what was happening in Minnesota with the poor. I didn’t, so they sent me a link to Crooks & Liars that talked about a law proposed there that would make it illegal for poor people to carry more than $20 cash!
    So began a fabulous piece by Lee Stranahan, a current Huffington Post contributor and former Kossack whose work has been featured at NewsBusters before.
    After sharing some of the headlines from leading left-wing websites, as well as some of their content, Stranahan did what none of them apparently cared to: he actually looked at what the proposed legislation said.
    Novel concept, huh?
    And what did he find?
    During the initial 30 calendar days of eligibility, a recipient may have cash benefits issued on an EBT card without the recipient’s name printed on the card. This card may be the same card on which food support is issued and does not need to meet the requirements of this section.(c) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), EBT cardholders may opt to have up to $20 per month accessible via automatic teller machine or receive up to $20 cash back from vendor.
    The proposed legislation doesn't make it illegal for a poor person to have more than $20 in his or her possession. It instead sets a $20 maximum as to how much participants in one of Minnesota's assistance programs can withdraw in cash each month using their Electronic Benefit Transfer card. This debit card is how they otherwise make purchases for things such as food, clothing, transportation, and utilities.
    Sadly, the liberal blogs all got this wrong. Even when Stranahan tried to point out the error to one of the more prominent ones, he ended up getting attacked for it on Twitter.
    As Stranahan correctly noted, "This misdirection is common tactic I’m seeing lately."
    Indeed it is, although I would suggest that it's nothing new.
    As we at NewsBusters and the Media Research Center have been reporting for many years, the reading comprehension and investigative journalism skills of most liberal bloggers are quite pathetic.
    Once one starts the bogus ball rolling, it seems none of them will do even the most simple of examinations - like, for instance, looking at a proposed bill - to assure veracity.
    Instead, it goes from one website to another like an STD in a co-ed college dormitory. That's unfortunately one of the ways propaganda works in the Internet Era.
    Nice busting job there, Lee. Keep up the good work.

    Read more:
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    For what its worth, for those of us in the real world that are paying for these "poor" to have money for food etc, it is a comfort to know our gooberment now demands accountability from those receiving food and housing subsidies. Gone are the days of cashing the welfare checks meant to feed their kids, and buying booze and drugs. Its our money.

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    somebody must have read that report on where most EBT cards were being used, casinos and vacation resorts.
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    Then again, maybe there is something to the story after all.

    From Forbes


    Minnesota Public Radio News

    But moreso, direct from Minnesota House File 171

    Now whether you want to believe the extreme of no cash period or it only limits the EBT card for cash debits is up for discussion and the legislative quote above seems to support the latter rather than the former. However, dig deep into think tank world and you'll discover this whole idea you say is nothing but liberal spin has been floating around for a very long time. A white paper from MIT circa 2001' speaks of technology, social engineering and social control and under the discussion of "Six Social Engineering Strategies" we find the following:

    But go one step further, how does one buy illegal drugs for example if all transactions are electronic? Oh, so now you like the idea as "I'm one who has nothing to hide!" so bring on the cashless society. From your POV consider this just for the moment, would you want to live in a cashless society run by 1000's of Nancy Pelosi's? Yeah, neither would I but then I feel the same about 1000's of Newt Gingrich's too. Grand schemes never begin as large scale moves but rather seek out small minorities on the fringes to test themselves on. Once the precedent is set, the incrementalism takes over and the whole thing scales up and presso, gov't once again has co-opted freedom in the desire for it's own benefit, enhancement and preservation. I don't like people on welfare scamming the system either but this IMO is not the answer at all!
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    There was a made for tv/movie /series entitled "Captains and Kings"
    If there are any people out there that believe that world events , such as wars Presidential elections etc are planned and decided by a "secret society" of Rich people around the world this would be very entertaining as well as enlightening for you.:wink2:
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    Thanks. Might be worth watching for the entertainment value but I'm not into what is called "secret societies". No desire to infiltrate a "Build-A-Burger" meeting. :happy-very:

    Mostly what becomes public policy is in fact very public if you know where to look and if anything is secret, it's the people proposing them often never disclose their full intent in a transparent way at least at the public sphere level. To discover that, you do have to find out about them and backtrace their associations and connections with think tanks and corp. interests. I find that most all policies have somewhere behind them, a corp beneficary whether a single corp. interest but most often it's more a cartel of an industry using the state to benefit itself. Capitalist socialism at it's best.

    Some may call all this a "secret society" because it's not well known but it's not that you can't look and find the connections either. Just read a white paper a few weeks ago done by the Federal Reserve on the costs of debit transactions verses cash and how they want to bring that cost down so as to promote the use of debit cards more and the less use of cash. Cash costs about $.07 per transaction while debit cards are $.27 per transaction. Another thing I watch for in the public sphere is what I call political multiplicity and this cashless issue seems to be a growing trend in that direction. Even if this all is a liberal spin job, on a deeper level it is scaring some people back from what they want to do so it's all good anyway!

    I wonder if we were to backtrace this event in Minnesota, we just might find ALEC involved?
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    Remember the movie with Michael Douglas (I think) where all the jusges met secretly and decided on ways to take care of the criminals who escaped punishment on technicalities?
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    The Star Chamber?
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    That's the one. They hardly ever run it anymore. I liked the whole idea of it. I never liked the idea of people getting away with crime. I liked the whole payback thing. Also the underground secrecy of it all. .. . . . . .kind of like Obama's dealings....all secretive and under the table.
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    You would love the Cable series "Dexter" --He has a way of doing "justice" when the system does not work.
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    I don't get Dexter on my basic cable......but I did rent the seasons at Blockbuster and then rec'd the dvds for Christmas.......Love the Dex !!!!! I also have great respect for Michael C. hall and his valiant cancer fight. He looks good.
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    I agree, to a point. Those that depend on the gooberment for their every existence, loose all aspects of privacy. Beginning with welfare, social security, all are to garner power. Follow the money. That is where the power will be.

    So instead of cards, I say cut them off, totally. Then let them re-apply for a 6 month period. At the end of 6 months, if they still need help, then 6 more, but then thats it. No more handouts. Period.

    With the work I do with kids in our area, your jaw would drop. Flat screens, connects, lap tops, new cars, all these things that I cant afford to get for myself, my gooberment takes money from me to help those that really dont need it. But they get it anyway, and the kids still go hungry. Parents like that need to go to jail.......wait, many of the kids in our program already have both parents in jail, its their grand parents, aunts and uncles that get gooberment help, but still let the kids go without.

    There are times where forced sterilization really begin to make sense.........

  15. wkmac

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    It has been done before!



    Eugenics and Economics of the Progressive Era
    Study from Princeton University

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    You forgot to add the free cell phones with 250 mins a month and nights and weekends free for everyone in the family. This is needed so they can let their boss know they will be late for work, get calls for job interviews, and so they can have contact with their kids for safety reasons. I guess a free hardline phone is not good enough. Oh and dont forget the free basic cable TV so they can have news and learning programs to watch.