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Well I just wanted to introduce myself today. I have been lurking in the darnkness for a few weeks, reading the posts and seeing exactly what i am getting into here. I just went in for my second interview, and am just waiting for the background check to come back. I am starting work Monday. A little about myself, The names Corey, Graduated from College about two years ago, and have been working in the Criminal Justice field. i think everyone I know went to college thinking they would leave and make big time money there first few years out... Unfortunatly thats not necessarily the case. I always have been interested in UPS, since i was a young boy and the truck would roll buy. Now as an adult, looking for a little bit of extra cash, and living in the real world, UPS is looking a lot better, great benefits, free health insurance, and really good tuition reimbursment. I dont mind a hard days work, and after getting a taste of corporate politics and crap, paying dues and a fair chance at moving up sounds good to me. Anyways, Like i said, Just wanted to say hi, lets see were this road takes me. :-)



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Welcome to Brown Cafe, hope you enjoy your stay.

Coming to UPS with a degree can present opportunities for you, particularly in the Security Dept.

Starting as an hourly is the way to go, that way if you choose to stay with UPS you will know how the company works.

Good luck


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WElcome to BrownCafe, and look around and see all it has to offer. You wont be disappointed.
You will meet all kinds of characters:cool:

The degree will never hurt, and its always something to fall back on, if you dont enjoy your stay, and as Channahan said, it could help you move up the corporate ladder.
Good luck, enjoy, chat later.