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Hello everybody, I just found this site. I think this a cool site. I'm looking foreward to talking to you soon.:thumbup1:


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Welcome Kuff. It is a good place full of information, good discussions, knowledgable people. If you have a question, most likely somebody here has already been there done that.

The quality of the people and discussions here is what makes this place so unique. Like yourself, I am fairly new here too, only been here about 8 or 10 months. I really can not think of a bad thing to say about it. Cheryl (the owner)has done a wonderful job with the site and it shows.


Welcome to the cafe,stop in the chatroom and vent your concern,we will try to answer tour questions,alot of retired and very experienced and great folks here,God Bless:thumbup1:


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Kuff, I'll piggy-back your post instead of a hi-jack. New myself. Been visiting the site for a couple years and finally decided to register. Me...Army vet, MP NCO, 6yrs Fun Travel & Adventure and 19 yrs UPS. Did about every job at UPS and found home in Feeders two years ago. A good job if you can become nocturnal. Good to hear from you and we'll probably "cross posts" again...


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Welcome, Kuff.

Feel free to express yourself, your opinions, your thots, your ideas. Please keep it clean and free of name calling when you get into a heated argument, like I do, #%&**((^%Q)(!&&%$ it!