First thing you check on EDD.

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    The very first thing I check on EDD is how many stops there are for a particular apt complex. My day will either be easy or difficult depending on the amount of work in having to tag each door and then find parking near the office, to again take them out and dolly the packages inside the office.
    The lenght of the work day hangs on this complex alone. If other areas are heavy and the apts light, I can get in early. The other way around with the apts heavy and rest of route light, will constitute a long day.
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    The first thing I do is walk into the Center's office and check the computer for how many stops I will be dispatched with. I think that this should have been included in a summary count in the DIAD somewhere before the day starts.

    I then go around and pull my DIAD out of its rack and download EDD. I also download it again before I leave the building to catch anything added to it at the last moment. When EDD is finally in my board, I will next check my Next Day Air stops and put all my residential Savers into the Whole List. I will then scroll through the whole list to find my missorts that EDD causes. I have two streets with the same name, and PAS/EDD often gets the Road and Drive part wrong on the address so I normally have 3-5 missorts a day. I then know to put these stops on the right shelf so I don't have to back track any that day.

    And I thought all this technology was supposed to make things more efficient.
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    First thing I do is Google EDD because we don`t have it in feeder.:dissapointed:
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    Since it doesn't have this basic feature I have really improved on my x8 times-tables. Now I'm like an idiot-savant. Or just a plain idiot.
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    I stroll into the building around 8:25, since they've changed me back from 8:25 to 8:45 start time. I carry my bicycle up to the locker room, chain it to the bench and change into my browns while I'm munching on a protein bar and hydrating. I go downstairs and grab my board at around 8:42, sign in, get EDD, grab my driver's pouch, listen to the PCM, check EDD for my air and TP60 bulk stops, look in the back of the pkg car and TP60, shut and chain both, hook up pkg car to TP60, check that all my air is correct and away I go. I don't care how many stops they give me anymore, I just wait till it's over to look at my delivery/pickup stats and bring her on in. I get done when I get done.
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    First thing I check is my air then I check how many stops I have.

    These are the best indicators of what time I will clock out that night.

    I then check for oddball bad pal stops that I get on a regular basis. It's easier to get rid of them in the a.m. than have them be a problem later on when they want me to go deliver them.
  7. I check how many airs I got.
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    I guess this is what I check first. check EDD for my air and TP60 bulk stops. Sorry for the long winded version.
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    Check how many 1030 commit stops.

    Often I never get beyond the NDA screen until I leave. Some times I'll calculate how many stops I have by multiplying 8 by how many pages of stops I have.

    The route I did last week and today starts out by delivering all NDA then going to a large 50+ package bulk stop.
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    You should'nt do anything until your start time it gives the company a false sense of how long this job really takes and makes your union brother and sister look bad. Article 17 is there for that reasion. Enforce your contract.
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    You need to be punched in the face.
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    ck to see how many are not on my original area. also how many flip flops with other areas. have to drive thru my route to get to the neighboring area to do other work. as do they. edd only as smart as the person operating. MEATHEADS!!!!!!
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    whatever x2
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    I like finding all the data flips in my EDD. I laugh to myself, and just run them off later. The computer is never wrong, and its easy money.
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    Oh no you didn't.
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    I look at my edd and think how much time I spent getting it in order with my sup, and then cry about how fast they screwed it up. Generally my first shelf is half of shelf 1 then on to shelf 4 and 5, 6, 7, 1 again, 8, then 2 and 3. You gotta just throw up your hands and scream "Serenity Now!"
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    I'm doing a route where the only shelf in the proper order is shelf 8. Seriously, every stop is I jump to a different shelf. If I were to follow trace I would do 2 shelves of residential before I do my 80 business stops. And all these stops are in some crazy, nonsensical order. Seriously, You'd deliver 2 stops, driver 3 blocks away deliver 4 stops, drive 4 blocks back in the direction you already came from, deliver 2 stops, drive 5 blocks back in the other direction and deliver one stop, etc... Totally stupid. I cannot even begin to imagine how someone could F up a trace this bad. You would have to purposely try to make it this bad.

    Our center just went on PAS. I've done a few routes that are great. But the rest make me think that the PAS dudes need to put the crack pipe down.
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    I'm on a rural extended route with no pick-ups and no air commit times. About 80 stops and 250 miles. No need to look at the clock. All I check EDD for is to see if I have any "runners"....the stops that are 40 miles from anything else. Too many of those make for a long day.