Flying the Flag and Faking the News

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    An interesting piece by John Pilger
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    Teamsters Union Wins 2010 Most Decertified Union Award
    The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the winner of Union Free America’s 5th Annual “Most Decertified Union Award.” This honor is awarded to the labor union that lost the most decertification elections during the preceding 12 months.
    The judging was based on an analysis of the reports of election results on the National Labor Relations Board’s web site for the period August 2009 through July 2010. During that time the NLRB conducted 251 decertification elections. Employees seeking to rid themselves of a union won 157 or 63 percent of them.
    The Teamsters union won the “Most Decertified Union Award” by being decertified 48 times during that period. The Teamsters were involved in a total of 64 decertification elections of which they lost 75 percent.
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    Interesting. you would think current political conditions with liberals in control would also translate to stronger unions though I realize that local conditions dictate decertification not politics.
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