Fmla Leave. 2015 childbirth question!

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    wassup fellow Upsers..
    i was trying to search some posts before i posted but i did not find what i was looking for!

    i recently took 3 weeks off for Fmla due to my Wife giving childbirth, and let me say something, my management team was great.. i know.. WOW... well i do have a great relationship with everyone.. but best 3 weeks of my life..spending time with family is priceless and its nice eating dinner at 6..Lol.. its been a long time..

    ---- here is my question. i did not want to get paid for any of the weeks!! but i noticed i got paid for 2 weeks soo far! so i guess they burned 2 weeks of my Vacation, am i still allowed to take my vacation weeks later on in the year "unpaid"? i Have plans later on and need those weeks off..
    dont care about the money, just need the time.... anyone know the deal, before i get jammed up!!
    and guys keep it cool, i dont wanna hear any smart ass remarks..... Aint nobody got time for that!!!
    Thanks in Advance..
  2. RealPerson

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    I heard you had to use all weeks of Vacation for FMLA except 1.
    Can you take unpaid later? that would be between you and management I would guess.

    The Question is, will you be covered for insurance on the unpaid vacation...
  3. Mugarolla

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    RealPerson is correct. You have to substitute your vacations for FMLA for all weeks except for 1.

    And he is also correct on talking to your sup about possible unpaid weeks off in the future. Some centers will let you, some will not.

    The round-about way to do this is that you get 6 weeks FMLA if you are PT, 12 weeks if you are FT. You can use FMLA for up to 1 year for the birth of your child.

    At some point in the future, within 1 year, you can take a week or whatever off under FMLA as long as you have weeks left from the 6/12. And if you are in Teamcare, you are covered for insurance for any week you are on FMLA.

    I know people that have worked the system. Baby born in February. He took 6 weeks off at the time. Had 6 weeks left.

    He took off from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It was unpaid, but they had to let him off under FMLA rules.
  4. MyTripisCut

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    I was told you can't break up FMLA leave for childbirth. It has to be taken consecutively. You can take it at any point within one year of childbirth but it has to be taken in one shot. Maybe varies by state. Anyway I would worry more about those unpaid weeks and your benefits now. Can't have a newborn with no bennies.
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    Where I work, those 2 weeks of vacation would be history and you would not be able to take corresponding "unpaid" time off.

    They would either give you the thousand yard stare, or just laugh in your face. Seriously.
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    I wonder why he suddenly felt the need to play Daddy during our busiest time of the year.
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    Congratulations on the birth of your child but I hate to break it to you that you should change your plans and work those two weeks. Kids just eat up money and two weeks unpaid, to me, just doesn't make sense.
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    Maybe spending time with his family is more important to him (and many others) than slinging cardboard to amazon/qvc queens.

    There's mpre to life than work/money.

    In my local you cannot break up fmla for a child. You can if you're treating a family member with a severe health issue.

    My wife thinks I'm joking, but I'm going to make sure our next child is born right before thanksgiving and take all 6 weeks of fmla. Upstate can pick up the extra load, thanks bud :)
  10. brownmonster

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    Kids or not, if 2 weeks unpaid breaks you that's another concern. I think I took unpaid time when my last were born. Not sure.
  11. clean hairy

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    I would say they are 2 weeks of scheduled vacation which can be taken, paid or unpaid.
    Best advice I can give is to check with your Local, as supplements are so different.
    One consideration, you will have no health coverage either week, and if the child gets a fever or has to see the Dr, it is 100% your expense.
  12. upschuck

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    You will get the weeks off if they don't "need" you, otherwise you'll be working.
  13. ups1990

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    At my center it's common practice to take vacation early in the year and then schedule FMLA thereafter. We're allowed to keep on week vacation.
  14. saintrick

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    I took 6 weeks with both of mine. Nov to Jan:-)
  15. 2 hrs over allowed

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    In my center there's guys that have a FMLA on file. They'll call in the morning and say FMLA today. I think it's the biggest crock of :censored2: I've ever seen.
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    I scheduled both my kids births, so I would be out for peak. I'm just a number and replaceable. Other than this past peak, they were all the same. Not enough drivers, not enough package cars, not enough problems, not my problem. I took eight weeks of FMLA for each child, so I made sure I had enough money saved up. Sometimes its not the need to play daddy, but the wifey needs a break too.

    That being said, whether you have to take vacation during FMLA is determined by your state law. My state doesn't require one to use vacation, so I didn't.
  17. bumped

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    No one can answer this for you as you need to check what your state laws are for FMLA.
  18. rod

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    bottom line------you will be working
  19. ups1990

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    I know of a couple of drivers who fall under this category and in my opinion it's perfectly fine
    for them to take a day off here and there to take care of a son who has Down syndrome.
  20. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Maybe I read it wrong but he said he already used the FMLA and had a question about pay.