FMLA Question for those who have used it

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ghost in the Darkness, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Ghost in the Darkness

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    I have never used FMLA before so I was hoping someone could clarify a few things for me. Long story short is I'm on vacation this week already for the birth of my second son. We ended up having complications during childbirth which required an emergency c-section and additional surgery for my wife. My baby is doing great and my wife is on the road to recovery but I know she isn't going to be well enough to care for the baby on her own when I would be going back to work Monday.
    I have only requested 1 week. If I use FMLA to take an extra week to help her out do I have use vacation/optional/sick days I haven't used yet? Do I have a choice on what I have to use? Do I forfeit a future week of bid vacation or would it simply be unpaid when I take it? I have personal and optional days that could cover the week but since they don't seem to feel we should be able to use personal days anymore then I figured FMLA would help me get them used or even an unpaid week, doesn't really matter to me. However I am against forfeiting future weeks of vacation that I have bid.
  2. Johney

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    My understanding of FLMA is you have to use up all but 1 week of vacation before FMLA kicks in. I have never been on it, but that's how I understand it.
  3. UPS Preloader

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    Before qualifying for FMLA you would be required to use you optional/sick days first as well as most of your vacation time. (They allow you to keep 1 week.)
  4. Ghost in the Darkness

    Ghost in the Darkness Active Member

    Anyone know that since the leave I requested is only 1 week and less than my remaining accrued time if I have the option of using optional and sick days vs vacation.
  5. raceanoncr

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    To my understanding, FMLA only addresses whole week vacations, not single option or sick days. However...

    To restate my experience, when my mom was dying, I had to stay with her, 24/7. Applied for FMLA, Dr signed, company signed, everything was well. "I" was not dotted on some form. No big deal, it just delayed the whole thing. I willingly asked for and was granted some vacation to be used for this, without FMLA or company "official" approval. Manager was more than accomidating. Said "anything I needed or however much time I needed", etc.

    When she did die, I needed more time off to settle estate. Company said, "No prob". Took more time, without "official" FMLA.

    Yes, I did forfeit vacation time I had signed up for later in the year. No, I didn't press for more weeks off without pay when that time came. I thot how can I, I used up my time off. How could I insist or request more time off just for vacation time.

    In other words, my advice to you is, TALK TO YOUR MANAGEMENT. They may work with you...the may not. What's it gonna hurt? In my case, it worked. They worked with me and I appreciated it.
  6. PiedmontSteward

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    Legally and contractually, the company is permitted to require you to exhaust all option/sick/vacation days before you start getting the "freebie" FMLA days. Also, it takes at least a few days to process the paperwork -- you have to get the forms from corporate HR, have a doctor fill them out, and then return them to your local HR.

    You also get a week of unpaid paternity leave pursuant to Article 16, Section 4. You should consider requesting that, as well, since you already used a week of vacation.
  7. balland chain

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    I file for FMLA every year..Here is the number to call, 1(855) 877-4772.. I was advised to file for this every year to CYA... One never knows when or if it will be needed, but trust me, if something in your life arrises, or in my case my manager starts to threaten me again, it is needed especially if you have no more paid time off..
    If you call the number above, request the FMLA forms.. Your wife's doctor will need to fill out the Doctors section, fax them back to 1-877-251-5073.. As stated in another post, it does take time, however a separate note from your wife's Doctor stating the urgency of your FMLA, may help to speed up the process. If you are given additional time off for your situation, apply for it anyway..We all know that UPS does not give a crap about us, so always have something in your back pocket to take care of yourself and your family.

    Best of luck, congrats on your new baby, prayers that wife recovers quickly ..
  8. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Thanks for your responses and well wishes. The forms they sent were pretty basic and they said my leave was put under child bonding (birth of a child). My local HR said it shouldn't be a problem to use sick and optional days if its coded under FMLA as it should be. So I guess it will be another thing I will have to keep close track of because too many times I have been told one thing only to have it end differently.
  9. raceanoncr

    raceanoncr Well-Known Member

    I was just going to caution you on that. Did HR give that statement to you in writing? Because in my 32 yrs of dealing with UPS, sometimes the translation gets lost. What HR TOLD you, what you HEARD and what your manager actually puts into practice, could be 8 different things. Trust me on this. Communicate.
  10. anonymous6

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    you can get the FMLA forms from HR. I've gone on it 3 times and think there is no sense going on it for one week unless you think there will be further complications. talk to your supe and all you'll need to use is sick days and options. that;s why I tell people to save at least half their sick days every year if possible. you never know what will come up.
  11. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    First off call HR and tell them you want your FMLA to be INTERMITTENT!!!!!

    That way for any care your wife and or baby may need as she recovers you will be able to take any amount of time, down to hours, that you need until Dec 31st of the year.

    Also, if you want, tell them you wish to hold that 1 week of vacation or use it if you want. It is YOUR choice. Not UPS or HR.