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    Who said the following in a book they wrote on page xi?

    They went on to continue with making the following points as well:

    OK, if like me you were probably all over the map (I admit I was) and never even got close nor would have in a million years or at least that was the case with me anyway. Here's the surprising source. A Nation of Sheep: Books: Andrew P. Napolitano

    To quote from a favorite saying and musclecar from my teen years:

    Here Come The Judge!
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    I like the judge....but what's with his hairline??
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    Sometimes people surprise you, I know I never expected to hear this from Lee Iacocca:

    Excerpted from Where Have All the Leaders Gone?. Copyright © 2007 by Lee Iacocca. All rights reserved.
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    continued from above:

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    Last bit ( three posts are due to the character limit, which I suspect only wkmac knew about before today)
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    I admit I was surprised about the judge. I had seen him on Fox a time or 2 and although he made good points, I just accepted him another "tow the party line" kinda guy. Pretty obvious now that conclusion was all wrong. Having him and Col. Hunt around IMO does make it a bit harder to completely question the FoxNews Ad tag of "Fair and Balanced" as some who openly hate Rupert Murdoch and FoxNews do.

    I'm no Murdoch fan as I wasn't a Ted Turner fan (although IMO he's the greatest baseball owner and the best thing that ever happened to the Braves with Bobby Cox a close 2nd) but at least it would seem it's not all onesided to Pro Bush as some people make it out to be and some programs come across as such.

    I found Fox and Friends so over the top Pro anything Bush did that it became sickening. I know the guy (Bush) is not all bad as no one is but geez he doesn't walk on water either like at times they made him out to do.
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    No I didn't but I do now!

    From Lee's quote above:
    He's not the only one but I hate to rag anyone on his speech presentation because numerous great thinkers and leaders were also not great orators and then the reverse is also true. Bush however is IMO pretty bad as to me his whole delivery are segmented soundbites. Listen to his delievery as he makes a sentence or point, then pauses or breaks and then starts another sentence or makes another or new point. On paper it would be listed out literally as a series of soundbites.

    1)Today is Tuesday.
    2)Weather outside in nice.
    3)Sun is shinning.
    4)Tomorrow is Wednesday.
    5)The weather is...........

    Audience is sound asleep!

    Great orators like an FDR, Kennedy, Reagan and Bill Clinton are not a dime a dozen so it may not be fair to judge Bush on that. Besides, great orators also become great and successful used car salesman so there you go when it comes to being a great speech giver. :happy-very:

    Bush is just one of those types who just don't have that skill to begin with but Lee's observation was dead on the money.

    You know, here's something to really think about for a moment. Hollywood is shutting down (Thank You Lord!) because the writer's are on strike so the teleprompters have no script to post for the talking head. Wouldn't it be interesting for a month to take all the speech writers and policy researchers for the President and the Congress away and force these so-called leaders to operate totally on their own 2 feet. I'd bet my life before half the month was over we'd see just how stupid the vast majority of them are and that in truth they are the same slick. slimy types that we find in low price used car lots who just got a break and convinced enough suckers to elect them to office so they could use our tax dollars to continue buying the vote to keep them in office. Letterman and Leno are powerless without the script writer and thus so it is with the politician!
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    If you add a little OIL to the water there have been reported sightings of Bush riding his mountain bike across the seas!!:lol::lol: