Follow bill H.R. 915 (FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009)

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    and al franken becoming an official senator makes the senate essentially immune to any republican filibuster attempts.

    Sorry, I see that your bill is something other than what I was thinking about. I don't know if the republicans would want to fillibuster this, even if they could.
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    that's right....I forgot about him. Great news!! Did I just say that about Al???? OMG i have gone off the deep end.
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    be preparred for a letter writing campaign. it's going to be close.
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    We really ARE behind management on this one!
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    The problem with the RLA is that it is almost impossible to strike. The airline mechanics have been without a contract, raise, benefit enhancement since 2005. UPS has used this against the pilots and mechanics since1988 and the company always made us wait 3 to 5 years without a raise. But it is not fair for FDX to use this against their employees and UPS would love to make you suffer like they do the pilots and mechanics.
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    Wrote my letters this morning. One to each Senator.
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    I found some information on this bill on another blog. The section of it that affects the reclassification of FedEx drivers is section 806. Right now FedEx is claiming that this section won't be put into the Senate version of the FAA reauthorization act of 2009. As I understand it,the committee that is in charge of drawing the Senate version of this bill is the "U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation". I found a page on another blog which contains a list of every member. If you click on their names it brings up their webpages and all the pages I've looked at have a contact subcategory. That page is
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    I received a reply from one of my state's senators thanking me for expressing my views on the matter. Still haven't heard from my other senator, Maria Cantwell, who happens to be on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. I don't see anything on the committee's calendar showing they will be taking up the matter soon. I guess my point is that we should all be contacting our lawmakers and letting them know where we stand on this, keep this provision in the forefront when the time comes for them to present the bill to the full Senate.
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    She's not my Senator, but I also contacted the offices of Patty Murray, Washington's other Senator. I figure she and Cantwell may be unduly influenced by Smith's blackmail attempt with the Boeing 777 contract, since the 777 is produced in Everett, WA. Surprisingly, staffers at Murray's office claimed to be unaware of the Boeing deal, but they did say that there was no language at the present time in HR 915 mentioning the RLA exemption for FedEx.

    A phone call or written letter is much more effective than emails, which I've found are generally ignored or answered with generic boilerplate replies that accomplish nothing.