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    How about them Alburn Tigers. Glad they are doing so well. Yes I am ready for all the Cam Newton jokes that are to follow. :happy-very:
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    War Damn Eagle!
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    Best SEC championship that money can buy!

    To be fair, he is a beast. I saw one play where he basically ran over a linebacker. He will leave college early and will be a force in the NFL.
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    I went to my first Auburn game this year. It was awesome. When Auburn played Alabama I won $100 on that game. I like Football but I love Nascar. I am a big Jimmie Johnson fan. Sorry Brown!!!! I am still trying to get the Husband to go to Talladega with me, but he wont. So it makes it fun for a girls weekend at Nascar.
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    War Damn Eagle!!!
    Fairley won the Lombardi Award!
    It's great to be an Auburn Tiger.
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    Congratulations to Cam Newton. War Cam Eagle!!!
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    Cam Newton to...Buffalo Bills? Overnight powerhouse!
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    Cam Newton is reading the top 10 on David Letterman tonight, FYI.
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    Can he read?????????????
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    Better than my preloader.
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    Cam newton will be the next Tim Tebow/ Brady Quinn/ Jamarcus Russell. Take your pick.
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    Wright's Mill Road School in Auburn, Alabama got a call from the David Letterman Show today informing them that Cam had donated his earnings from last night's appearance to them.
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    The whole friggin' country will run out of operating $$$ by tomorrow, but the house has time for this nonsense !!! Priorities people !!
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    American workers......American jobs........American pride.....

    I thought you would enjoy this video of how the NFL footballs are manufactured.

    Quite a business … their only product, lifetime employment for maybe 40-50 people, probably $25 million in revenues annually, low overhead!

    Click here: How Wilson manufactures NFL game footballs

    FOOTBALL !!!

    Fantastic Dedication to Job Performance and Precision !



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    Reebok pick me....

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    What a stupid, disgusting person. He is a retired Texas cop!

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    Foot ball is my favourite game..