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    Hey guys.I just went full time a while back and about a month after I went full time, the routes all went up for bid. All were bid with the exception of one satellite route. A higher seniority (cover) driver had been running it and loved it but didn't bid it because of having to drive 60 miles a day to get to and from the route location.

    So, being the low person, I was forced. I've been running it all this time and have gotten used to it and I've settled in pretty well. I wasn't sure I'd like it but now i am enjoying a few perks to being on satellite. Now, the other driver has decided that he wants to get back on it and all this time.

    I didn't actually bid the route because I was told that when someone else was hired, they could be forced. Can he do this? Even after he passes it up and i was forced on it? I guess if I want to stay on it, I should go ahead and bid it to secure, right? Thoughts?
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    If you were forced on it, because a bid sheet went up and no one signed it, it is your route and he cannot take it from you until bids go back up. If a bid never went up then he can bump you.
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  3. 9.5er

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    Once the bid sheet was pulled down the low man (You) was assigned the unbidded route. It is your route.
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  4. clean hairy

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    He says he didn't actually bid the route, would that mean he was assigned it?
  5. Brownslave688

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    Yep. When everyone passed it up he was given the route. Making it his bid route.
  6. barnyard

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    Read your contract. It is covered there, including local practices.