forced to work in another building

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    The best way to make sure this never happens again is to completely destroy the restroom when you get there. Enjoy a nice evening at a local Chinese buffet the night before if you have to. By the time you get to the building you were bitched out to your stomach should be ready to unleash the dragon and that building’s manager will request that you are never sent there again.
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    That would never work in our building. The PTers like to stuff the toilets with paper towels so that they clog and then everyone just keeps using the bathrooms till it's almost over flowing. I'll never use the company bathrooms. I'd rather :censored2: my pants.
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    As destructive as many of the employees in my building are, our restrooms are usually clean and in working order. The exception being the towel dispenser that occasionally clogs up because people are pushing the lever to rapidly. Then they will beat the hell out of it as if that helps. When it is knocked off the wall and there are no paper towels for a day or two they blame the cleaning lady.

    There are definitely more than a few guys, and one woman to be honest, that could be utilized by the military and CIA for flushing terrorists out of their hideouts by simply having them take a dump near their hide outs. We could’ve gotten Osama bin Laden 15 years ago!
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    Anyway......if you are "asked" to work in another building and are not given an empty package car to drive back and forth, are you paid for the miles between the two buildings or are you paid for the difference in the commute from your house to your home center and the commute from your house to your temporary center? The latter would make more sense.
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    That was my choice.
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    Wouldn't you take hourly pay and still drive the scenic route? Wouldn't you make more?

    I used to stop and have a quick breakfast so they also had to cover my air at the other building.
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    You are simply paid for the commute. regardless of whether you start at home or at building #1. This also counts for satellite centers.
    I am unaware about being forced to commute to a different center. I believe it is voluntary or bid upon, ain't heard anything about being thrown into a different building.
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    Did you bother to read any of the preceding posts in this thread?
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    Why are you back in this forum Richard?
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    His cat is on the rag.
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    Because there might be few if any drivers willing to have him as a helper?
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    The one time I worked in another building I showed up at my center at start time. Then demanded a UPS truck to drive to the other center.

    Once at the other center I demanded a supervisor ride with me because I had never been in that area before. they sent a supervisor from my center.

    I was never sent to another center again.
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    Do they have seasonal package car drivers working in your center? If so, file a grievance on seniority because seasonal employees don’t attain any. The company hates loaning out seasonal drivers. Start there.
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    Yes if your scheduled to work at your building and then loaned out use a packed car at your start time. If they don’t like it they can start you early at time and a half. I would rather deliver without a sup in an unfamiliar area because the stops per hour world be atrocious.
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    They would probably ask you to refrain from taking a closed out pkg car to another delivery center.
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    You missed your calling. Lol.
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    pesky hiring freeze
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    Im in Seattle. We have decisions which prevent any if us being forced to another building, even feeder. We can be asked to volunteer only. Im not sure if the decisions are West or Regional. You should just file and see what happens.
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    I`ll drive to California from NY .:-) hourly pay please