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    Would like feed back on the centers which have forklifts(gas or electric)? Maybe UPS is different or they like to stay in the 1970's with the 4speed, manual steering and 100db P5.

    One thing I know is that UPS logistics will have the best automated equipment to handle the large skidded volume from large shippers.
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    Dont have much knowledge on what centers or what style, but one of my shippers just got back a $11,ooo computer that someone in our system ran both forks through. It was gone only three or four days so it could not have gotten that far.

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    Forklifts, please let me know if your centers have one. State your center, state/province and country. Working on a proposal to increase skidded volume which will reduce damages, delivery time, make drivers more effiecient and decrease workplace injuries. Thanks
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    My hub has two, but I am not going to say where I am because I like the anonymity of the internet.
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    Anonymity is OK, but it does let chickensh$ts like TIE get by with saying things he would be too scared to say face to face. THat is why I even posted where and what I do for UPS. What I have to say, I would say face to face>

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    ROFL, do us a favor clean up your slime trail on the way out.