Former Portland UPS worker charged with stealing items on the job

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    Former Portland UPS worker charged with stealing items on the job - Fox 12

    A former UPS worker in Portland was indicted by a grand jury on two felony counts of theft after investigators say he stole two iPhones and other items from the processing facility where he worked.

    Thomas Hugill, 25, appeared in a Multnomah County courtroom Wednesday.

    It was Black Friday of 2017 when Ana Mendez, of Clackamas County, says ordered two iPhones for her daughters, but they never arrived. Mendez says she reported it to T-Mobile who reported it to UPS; UPS said the package was lost.
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    This just barely scratches the surface of the # of thefts (and even one stolen budget rental) that occured here.

    I knew a kid that got caught trying to steal an entire tote of cellphones/accessories.

    And of course the story this old fart loved to tell me about the kid who got fired eating some imported chocolate bar straight out of the box.
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    In case y’all didn’t know, UPS does not tolerate dishonest or unethical behavior. I know because the article said so. Lol.
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    We had a guy who ate boxes of cheese if they were too far off the road. He ended up quitting before he got caught. He also told me he used to throw boxes of them out the window. This was back in the days we got swamped with Swiss Colony Cheese gift boxes.
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    What a dummy
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    I agree--too much cheese is bad for you.
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    Dam , I hated those
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    Are they still in business? They were overpriced but had great looking pictures in the catalog. Lol.
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    Grand jury? Sounds serious
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    Wouldn't want to be him.
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    Thank goodness swiss colony doesnt hit us like that anymore, you have to have some whiskers to remember how much of that we would get.
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    It all hit within a couple of days too.
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    Yeppers, that was peak in those days.
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    On the other hand peak was about a week before Christmas. People realized they couldn't order crap the last minute and expect it to be delivered in time.
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    Yes , long before cyber monday and online shopping. Things change, i remember when J C PENNEY was the bulk stop on alot of package cars. Before WAL MARTS hit every town.
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    Nothing stays the same in retail. Or package delivery.
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