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    Hi Everyone. It's been 25 years since I've driven a package car. My last day in a package car was August of 1988!

    As I get closer to retirement I'm wondering if I'm due any pension at all (at age 65).

    I tried calling CSPF and they told me to contact UPS. Looking at the UPS pension website it looks like my pension still falls under CSPF.

    I have 10 years as a package car driver and 4 years as a part time sorter. All before 2007 (obviously).

    Does anyone have any idea if I'll be getting a pension at age 65? If so does anyone have a guestimate as to how much that would be?

    I looked at the UPS pension website. It said $170 per month per vested year. That would be great, but I would think it wouldn't be that much if anything since the CSPF is in such rough shape.

    I did query, but I've read that could take weeks.

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    Ok, I found my monthly pension amount on the Central States website. When I called Central states earlier today they said my pension was managed/paid by UPS since 2008. Central states customer service rep didn't know what she was talking about. She had my work history right in front of her. My monthly pension benefit is about $500.00. Not much, but $500 more than I was counting on! Let's hope it's still there when I retire in 5 years.
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    For your part-time work you must have at least five years of vested work years in order to receive retirement. You can collect on your retirement for your full-time vestment at any age over 55. It's not going to increase any, so I say you should go ahead and put in for it now. More money is more money.

    In your query it sounds like you don't work at UPS anymore. This is true, correct? If so, you should take advantage of my first paragraph.
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    Nobody from the union or UPS will be able to give you any useful or reliable information, and frequently they will tell you incorrect answers. Every person who retires seems to be the first one to retire the way they act. They just look at their computer but it doesn't take into account all the different variables such as which local, contract changes through the length of your employment and so forth. Very difficult to contact anyone and when they do they will frequently just try to blow you off with pat answers. Or outright lie to you ( my case worker kept blowing me off and lied about some things and I got no action from her until I demanded to speak to her supervisor. My file was sitting on her desk which she amazingly found after denying she had it after I demanded to speak to her boss. WE are their customers but their only job is to do as little to help as possible. And the numbers they tell you are frequently wrong. 5 months after I retired they finally realized they made an error after denying they made a mistake for months.
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    So much misinformation, so little time.

    The OP has 14 combined years of pension credit. He cannot start drawing his pension until he turns 65.