Fortunately, he is ok....

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    I know of a case where two kids pullled a bb gun on a guy and he pulled his REAL gun and shot and killed one. these stupid punks are lucky the same didnt happen to them
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    If I were the judge I would bring those 4 kids to UPS Monday morning and have them apologize to the driver during the PCM.

    I would be a little concerned about the guy who left the comment.
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    Thanks goodness this driver wasn't hurt seriously. He is lucky, he could just as easily lost an eye if the BBs hadn't hit his cap. I hope those jerks get a judge with a creative mind to make them realize how serious this situation is.
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    I think the Commenter would fit right in here at BC!!
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    They ought to be taken out to the wood shed with a willow switch. Drop 'em and grab your ankles boys!
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    Thats too lenient.

    A better punishment....would be to make them come in to UPS every morning for a month at 6:00 AM to spend the entire day watching the Hazardous Materials Training Video set to automatic replay....followed by a 2 hour recitation of the Ten Point Commentary and the Five Seeing Habits.

    Sort of like Chinese Water Torture, only more effective.
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    I think the judge ought to let us decide the punishment. There are some great ideas here. LMAO
  9. sentence them to a couple weeks loading feeders in the middle of summer (when they've been baking in the sun) bonus points if its really humid as well.:happy-very:
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    Community service to be determined by the driver that was injured by their senseless acts.
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    I think they should be sentenced to being an onroad sup for life.
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    Sorry, cant do that.

    Amendment VIII of the United States Constitution: "Excessive Bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted"
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    What about an onroad in someplace like China or Congo?
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    Haul the parents in and have them all attend classes, how to be a parent, how to beat your kids when they need it.
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    That is tooo funny Tooner!:happy-very:
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    How to use birth control to prevent such problems from starting.