Founders' Day or Casey Memorial Day

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    I have withheld posting on, as I haven't survived working for one institution for more than half my life being totally stupid. Yet somehow I felt the urge to register and post here after many years of lurking. Someone has a tag line of I love my job, I hate what they do to it. I agree. In my heart, tomorrow will be a day to reflect on how the rules were changed along the way from my day 1 until now. They took a little here, a little there, and then I saw clearly that the values of UPS and its founders' were taken off life support in June. I don't smoke, but 3 days in a web posting? Come on. I started when I was 18 and am now pushing 50. This ain't what I signed up for. But I get it, life is a gamble. After 25+ years, I am coming up on the short end of the promises made back in the 80s. The old career development joke is I don't have a career, but only a set of assignment changes until retirement. Truer now than I ever dreamed. I post only to reflect, it hasn't been a bad ride, but I know they got me. Suckered me in. I'm now on the hook for a few more years, maybe more if they change the rules again. But at least I now have the wisdom to see, that all and all, we are all just bricks in the wall. My 50-60 hour weeks, canceling vacation days, missing family milestones are over. Rest in peace Jim, but for me Founders' Day is now only honored with a moment of silence.
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    I feel your pain....
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    Can't say it much better than that. I am cutting back my hours as well as my level of dedication. This is not what I signed up for either but like you I am "on the hook". No more 60 hr work weeks, skipping vacations, juggling my schedule to fit work - not even running misloads on the way home anymore. A moment of silence and flags at half staff would be appropriate for Founders Day. A sad day of reflection - The special company that UPS was for its first 100 years of success is dead.
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    Well said
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    Congrats on your inaugural post. Nailed it.

    Two comments. One, you are wise to post descretly. Once the corporate lurkers think they have identified you, all your posts get printed, bundled and sent to your district's HR and Security managers.

    My second comment, on this founders day - Jim and the founders made many changes over their decades of starting and managing the company. While his slogan was best service, lowest cost....his actions and policies also implied "best place to work" for the employees.
    Once we went public, all our legacy has to be removed if we are to continually use the phrase "comparison to other companies.". The legacy is what set us apart, allowed common people to accomplish uncommon results.
    Unfortunately, when we look and act, and treat our people "like comparable companies" we will be like them. Not many other companies can boast about 106 years in business - regardless of size.
    The more the company treats its front line mgmt like a disposable commodity, the quicker we hasten the day when UPS will fall onto the rusty pile of failed trucking companies.

    Let your voice and opinions be known in the employee engagement survey. It may not make a difference, but the unsanitized message and opinion gets to the top. (without the filter of the layers in between)

    ​Happy Founders Day.
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    1 - Where did you hear this? UPS Corporate does not pay any attention to BC unless there is a "threatening" post to the safety of UPS employees.
    Management at the District level is another story - the Dick Tracy's there may track and try and make a case.

    2 - They do pay attention to the ad-hoc comments and be sure and not reveal your ID.
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    Thanks for the tips and comments. After all the negative comments, it was refreshing to see some positive ones on the video today. But I have been thinking what if it was more focused on people? With iPad in hand, I took a shot while I ducked out to grab lunch. Only a few minor word changes and it could have taken on a whole different direction. I guess at the end of the day, the video itself is what we make of it.

    Founders Day video - take 2
    Their dreams.
    Different Employees talking:
    I guess . . .Ive had a lot of time to time think on this one. I want to go in, do my job, and still have a family.
    I want to see my kids grow
    I want more time… to connect with my people. (manager talking here)
    I want to get back to making a difference. Something meaningful to the bottom line. (manager talking here)
    I want my company to be the place where everyone wants to work. Where everyone is again proud – feels valued.
    I want a reason to shine again. I want my opinion to matter, not be an order taker. I want people to remember the sacrifices my family has made while I was going further.

    Our promise.
    Subtitles: For 106 years, we’ve always worked hard, and we’ve always worked smart. But somewhere we lost our focus on the people that got us here. Now…we’re going back to go further. To really get back to the basics and remember our people. To learn their goals. Their desires and their dreams. So they can achieve them. Because UPS can do more than just employ people and direct their work. We can connect with them in ways we have in the past, and in ways we never have before.
    Because its in those moments that what we do matters most.

    Different Employees talking: It is a handshake. It is a smile. Listening closer. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them how we are doing (insert management person). Trust in our words. Doing something extra. It’s about caring. Appreciation. Trust. A relationship.

    In every connection we make, go further. So our people can do more.

    Closing subtitle: Thank you for always going further so our customers can do more. Our people are the power behind rich heritage of success.

    Photos of Casey with people and these scrolling quotes:

    “Our company has grown because our people have grown.”

    “Are we working for money alone? If so, there is no surer way not to get it.”

    “We are practical people and not merely dreamers. We know that our dreams and plans won’t get very far unless we have the right people to make them realities”

    “We are trying to encourage our people to do, in a business that has grown large, what they would do if the business were small, and they were solely responsible for it’s operation.”
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    I feel the same as OP.. I'm cutting back on my work day. Reducing (working on stopping) working on vacations and day offs. I was a 60-70 hour person. last year I was 50-60 hr person. This year it's 45-50 hours. Next year.. I see it closer to 40-45 hours. Who knows.. maybe 40 hours after that. Overall, my "hourly" rate has increased, even after taking in the enhancements to benefits.
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    Your body will feel much better. and you may actually have time and energy to do something after work!