FOXED SPEWS takes it in the shorts with MYSPACE sale.... I lov it!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Jul 1, 2011.

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    FOXED SPEWS parent company FOX NEWS CORP, headed by Rupert Murdock, purchased MYSPACE for $580 million dollars. After the purchase, MYSPACE lost market share to facebook and this week, Murdock sold MYSPACE to an investment company for....... drumroll please!!

    $35 million dollars!!! A net loss of $545 million dollars.

    Looks like FOXED SPEWS got rid of 2 LOSERS that were costing them money in the same week!!


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    business losses are tax deductible, at this rate, you'll have to write him a personal check.
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    Myspace???? Is that even still around?
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    Justin Timberlake is going to be the site's creative director........
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    I was watching another vid posted by Anonymous and in the side bar video stream, I saw "Fox News Hacked" and when I watched it, that sucker had your name all over it. :happy-very:

    I think these folks were a bit more merry pranksters with a political ideal but I still admire what they did.