The Great GOLD crash! Finally.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Well, since 9/11, gold skyrocketed to levels that were ridiculous at best, seeing prices for an ounce of Gold in the 1800's. All the "missing" gold from the twin towers went into someones pockets and they made millions of dollars on it while the prices skyrocketed.

    FOX news corp has promoted GOLD everyday, every hour, every week and every year since 9/11. Gold was promoted on every "right wing" radio station across this country and the GOP helping to hurt the economy by not passing bills in congress only prolonged this skyrocketing.

    But today, GOLD is on a full blown crash.

    GOLD is on its way to 1000 dollars an ounce. The OBAMA economy is stopping the GOLD rush dead in its tracks. The dollar is getting stronger, the economy is getting better, and 4 years later, all the doom and gloom spewed by FOX news corp has gone to waste.

    Today, panic selling of GOLD is underway.

    So much for using GOLD as a currency.

    People are losing their investment into GOLD today and the new ceiling should settle around 1000 dollars.


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    Unfortunately today you can substitute stocks for gold in your post and also be correct. Does this mean you are predicting deflation? That would be horrible for your side politically.
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    Gold and silver were pushed by the left-wing networks as well .... I watch Current TV and they have ads on there as well.
    It seems they tended to run these ads during the "talk shows" mostly. Of course, for the lefties, that was only a couple of channels.
    And it may settle at $1000 for a while ... I'm thinking long-term it is at $800 or less.
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    I'm so happy it went down ill be buying if it gets below $900-$1000
  5. TOS you forgot to mention that gold just vaporized/disappeared on that day under the buildings that they were hold.
    Yes you are absolutely right, paper money(that backed by a bankrupt country=air) always safer, than a rock that you can't counterfeit as you can do with...
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    LOL, ya, I love the "official" explanation that it just vaporized when the towers went down.. Billions of dollars in gold bars just pooF!

    I would have said it, but this crowd still thinks 19 hijackers carried out 9/11, at least, thats what they were told, and thats what their sticking too.


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    TOS, UPS always tells us to get the big picture, and in this case you are definitely not seeing(or maybe just ignoring) the big picture. Precious metals like gold and silver are falling in price because countries that you would feel more at home in (read much more socialist) are experiencing the logical conclusions of their failed policies. They are in a big financial bind and can't pay their bills any longer so they are resorting to selling their valuable assets(read: Gold) in order to get back to treading water. Atleast until their continued failed ideas sink them again. This presents a simple supply and demand problem where the demand for gold is steady, and the supply has been tremendously increased. This will cause a temporary drop in price, and by temporary I mean it could be weeks, months, or even years before the price rebounds, but believe me it will rebound. This simply creates a great buy opportunity for those who have been interested or participating in the purchase of gold. Now, I don't own any real gold or even gold IRAs, but paper money is on its way to becoming worthless as its printed relentlessly to save the hides of a few high level politicians. Trust me TOS, these chickens will come home to roost, and its just a matter of time as to when.
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    Is this an example of what your friend calls a straw man argument ? HAHAHAHA