Fred's Rationale For Giving You Less and Taking Away More

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    I've been thinking about this, and for me at least, I work a lot harder than I used to...for less. I've slacked-off in my effort, but in terms of productivity, FedEx gets a lot more out of most of us than they ever have before. So, we should be making more, right, because we actually move more packages than in the past? Wrong, because according to Fred, even though you do more work, you need to be paid less because we are in a new economy and FedEx Express is undergoing a systemic change.

    Fine, so that must mean that management and the pilots should also be making less because we're all part of the same opco, right? Wrong. According to Fred, they should be making more even though their poor management has created an opco that is a total mess. Even with the huge advantages of the RLA and an underpaid non-union workforce, they still can't function coherently. Our management team is a huge underperformer, and they have been terrible for years. In fact, they get more incompetent with every passing year. We're kind of like an NFL team that always gets the last draft picks every single year. Just look at MT3....I rest my case.

    Our pilots do less work in the cockpit than ever because modern avionics actually operate the plane most of the time, with the pilots increasingly there to monitor systems rather than actually fly. In fact, ALPA has complained that the newest generation of pilots lack some of flying abilities of the current generation because the aircraft does most of the work and the pilots don't get a chance to hone their skills. Less productive and competent pilots means they should be paid less, right? Wrong.

    The only workgroup that has suffered from overall wage erosion and decline is the hourlies, who get hit twice as hard because benefit costs are going up and actual benefits realized by the hourly are going down. So, even though we "produce" more than we did in say, 1994, we are still moving backwards every year in terms of our overall compensation. If you figure-in reduced hours with our glacial wage progression, then combine it with expensive, low-quality benefits, Fred is really slamming us.

    This is why you should never make any real effort to be "productive" any longer for FedEx because no matter how hard you work, or how fast you are, none of the benefits of that effort will ever reach you. The extra revenue you produce will be utilized to pay the only people who matter more and pilots. You won't top-out any faster (which is never, anyway) and there is no longer any merit system (review) in place which rewards those willing to work harder.

    My conclusion. Do as little as possible. FedEx claims to be a merit-based company, but is actually nothing but an upscale sweatshop.
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    We need less management, our station ran for nearly a year without a manager, and we ended up being the top of the charts in the district..
    That should tell the Ivory towers something in MEM. We don't need managers, not nearly as many.
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    "Sweatshop" perfectly describes what F-Office is too. Especially the CPCs. We're doing manufacturing-level work without getting manufacturing workers' pay. It's so goddamn unfair. Every damn day where I work it's bugnuts crazy. We're doing the work of at least 2 CPCs since several CPCs got closed. Fedex should get exposed for what it's doing to us.
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    For making you work? Sounds like you are getting the work done.
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    Nobody in my CPC has a problem with hard work. I've worked for Kinko's/Fedex for over a goddamn decade, so screw your attitude. I'm smart enough to know when I'm being exploited rather than fairly compensated. "Getting the work done", but so do people in sweatshops, smartass.

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    That is a great analogy FedEx is 1 big sweatshop. And these ground contractors will do and say anything to justify it because they are profiting heavily off of it.
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    I don't understand the "justify" bit. Nobody has to work for me. What is there to justify? I haven't created the labor market, so why should I defend it? Express is getting the shaft and I am getting a raise. We may have the same customer in Fred for our labor, but that doesn't indict me for what Fred does with Express.
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    Cutting costs and increasing employee productivity. I don't see anything wrong with it. It sounds more like you are whining about being put to work. Im sorry your gravy train has been derailed.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    You should just go back to cracking the whip and counting your money because that's what ground contractors do best. Nobody in their right mind that actually works for FedEx would agree with you.
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    Cutting raises, benefits and making one employee do the work of three. That's the non-BS version of it. Personally, I've always gotten great reviews from bosses and Mystery Shoppers (when I worked in a store) so screw you for your condescending attitude. Go kiss Fred's ass; with more and more people wising up about him, I bet these days it's getting mighty lonely.
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    Fred's conduct toward the couriers can be attributed to being hit in the head,very hard,by the pilots union. Some of his best friends were pilots and they turned Judas on him. He became increasing upset about their slow down tactics, doing it by the manual that he start exploring more ways to extract cost savings-best practices imposed on couriers,etc. Mack Daddy III behavior's on the other hand is a different story........he was hit in lower extremity and consequently his unusual, high octaved voice. He never recovered. We can only hope their personal hell burns a little hotter than our own.
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    I hate to say it but fedex office needs a bit of a kick and some cuts and upping productivity. Every time I go into Fedex Office they are confused not offering much customer service. The rest of us at fedex are sweating and panting(even us managers). If you want the FedEx name, a bit of sweat comes with it.
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    perhaps you were just experiencing "the new customer service" at FedEx...I know for sure that my sweating and panting days for this outfit are well behind me now. And believe me I did plenty of it.
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    And you are blaming the counter employees for this opco's failing? Kinkos was a pretty good company before FedEx got a hold of it.
  15. Grounded

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    Pretty good = room for improvement.

    counter employees = face of the company.

    Drivers = face of the company.

    While FedEx ground drivers don't work for FedEx they are more the face of the company than I am.
  16. hypo hanna

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    Management sending it the other direction.

    Treated like crap so don't really care about being the happy face of the company.

    See above.

  17. Route 66

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    As two-faced as this company has become, which face are we supposed to put on?
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    My manager told me today that upper mngmnt is ruining everything. More and more drivers falsifying just to make stupid numbers. Good job mt3
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    the one that puckers up and kisses my...nevermind. Scratch would just delete it.
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    you're like a fly at a picnic, sam