Freight Train Collides With UPS Truck

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    Freight Train Collides With UPS Truck - WPTZ

    A freight train collided with a United Parcel Service truck in Roxbury on Tuesday, sending the truck's driver to a Burlington hospital.

    Police said the New England Central Railroad freight train was heading northbound at about 4 p.m. when the truck was making a left onto Oxbow Road.

    State police said an investigation indicated that the truck's driver -- Joshua Newton, 28, of Richmond, Vt. -- was traveling northbound on Route 12A when he stopped at Oxbow Road to allow a vehicle to turn.
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    The driver is very lucky to come out of the accident alive. Just remember, if it's a tie at the grade crossing, you lose.
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    How is this poor guy doing?? Any VT. people here know the story?
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    There have been no updates on the local news but my center manager told me that he is getting better. There were rumors that he may have tried to beat the train but that was not the case. They are looking at the front tires and ice covered roads as possible causes. Vermont does not have a bare roads policy so they do not take care of the roads like they do here in NY and in MA. The RR crossing was marked but was not gated and I don't think that there were lights. It was roughly 4 in the afternoon so it was starting to get dark, I'm sure he was busy like all of us would be at that time so perhaps he simply did not clear the intersection. That is pure speculation on my part.

    I will provide updates as they become available. Dave.
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    Thanks Dave may GOD be with him & his family!! (don't care if that offends anybody}
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    josh slid into the train because of road conditions and tires,he is still in critical condition at fletcher allen in burlington vt.he has no spinal or brain injuries our center manager told us that his collarbone numerous ribs arm legs and hips are all broken i will post his address tomorrow so maybe everyone can send some money josh has a wife and 3 kids so lets all do what we can to help him margery harvey ups driver 22 years st johnsbury vt
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    A ups driver was killed here in Maine today.While waiting to turn left onto a busy road,the driver was rear-ended by a Time-Warner Cable bucket truck.The UPS truck was pushed into the oncoming traffic and was violently hit by a tractor trailer truck carrying propane.For full story look at
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    I dont work for ups but live in roxbury. This accident should not have happened and could have been avoided.I have some information for the accident investigator and dont know how to contact them. Please have them call me at 860-922-8224 Thanks.
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    The accident investigator would be the VT State Police. Sgt Trevor Carbo was the police spokesman who spoke to Channel 5 (WPTZ)--he may be your point of contact.

    Here is the link for their website: