From Driver's Helper to Package Handler

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mlhradio, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Back in November, I started working for UPS as a driver's helper, and I did a good job (my driver loved me, worked me full-time for the full-route every day, and is happy to recommend me for future jobs inside UPS). And as expected, my final day on the job was December 24th. On Monday of this week I turned in my browns at the guard shack and picked up my final paycheck. And then it is time to start calling human resources and checking online for openings at the center. With this economy, it could be a few weeks, it could be several months. Who knows?

    But today, I checked on of my applications at UPSjobs, and one of them came up as "schedule appointment", so I did - for next Tuesday. Whoo! Of course, that doesn't automatically mean I have a job, but hey, it's a good sign. Looks like the twilight shift, but I'm open to anything.

    So, is there anything I need to know or expect, going from driver's helper to package handler? Any tips or pointers, or should I just go with the flow?

    And yeah, it may be a low-level position, but my mantra in this economy these days is: "Any employment is good employment". And everyone has to start somewhere.
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    Show up on time, everyday. Don't steal, fight or sexually harass anyone. Work as hard as the driver you rode with.
    I drove for years and trust me, package handler is easier.

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    Just like what brownlee said. On twilight you'll probably be loading or unloading..It can be alot of physical work, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out the job....Eventually you may want to certify into the sort aisle, where it pays an extra dollar an hour, just sort boxes all night instead of being in the trucks, something to think about....And don't let the place get under your skin, it's typically the same routine everyday, it never goes away :happy-very:
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    Just a quick update - had my first interview for the package handler position this evening, and a second interview is now scheduled for tomorrow night - looks like I'm being classified as "Loader/Unloader" for the night shift in the hub.

    Frankly, I'm surprised (but happy) that UPS is hiring again right after the peak season - must mean business is good! With the economy and all I was dreading there would be tons of layoffs and a long, long wait for the callback. The driver I worked with says package volume is still way up there, he still has a higher-than-normal number of stops on his route, they're still having to dip into the Penske truck pool every day. In my 'interview class' there were only nine people (as opposed to nearly 40 when I was interviewing for driver's helper), and I was the only previous-UPSer in the bunch.

    We'll see where things go from here, but so far they look good!
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    They're always hiring, part time, in my building.
    That's a clue.

    Good Luck to ya.
    If you have a decade to invest it may pay off.
    Don't get complacent.
    Continue to weigh your options as you work this part time job.