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    Hello All- I’m New the forum, so please forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong section. I just started as a Part Time Package Handler, while I study for my SQL Certification. Has anyone every gone from the Warehouse to IT within UPS? If so, how? Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    From my understanding the IT department has heavy req. and a rounded degree would be more ideal rather than cert's.

    Being an employee inside the company already will give you little wiggle room in the transition to the IT dept.

    But, anything can happen.
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    Into the development for our Enterprise systems --- not much chance.
    SQL would be used at UPS mainly for reports derived from tables and database extracts.
    Most of the report generation is done at the Corporate office in Atlanta I believe ... somebody verify this.
    We use to do this at the Region and District level as well as Corporate ... most reports are canned reports these days. Corporate does a lot of one on and ad hoc reports.

    There is a group within UPS that maintains the hardware (Technology Support Group or TSG).
    They are usually looking for MS Certification.
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    Canned reports, ouch ahhaahaha
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    The guy that worked TSG in our building was a preloader before getting the tech job. So yes, it's entirely possible.
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    Practically Zero Chance an SQL Certification will get you in IT at UPS.