Frontline: The United States of Secrets

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    The United States of Secrets - Frontline

    How did the government come to spy on millions of Americans? In United States of Secrets, FRONTLINE goes behind the headlines to reveal the dramatic inside story of the U.S. government's massive and controversial secret surveillance program -- and the lengths it went to try to keep it hidden from the public.
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    You mean to say through the video that BUSH/CHENEY lied and went against the laws, or exploited laws to spy on americans??


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    Cheney started the program, but both administrations are at fault. Obama came in and chose to expand the program. Then his administration chose to double down on the prosecution of Thomas Drake by reclassifying documents from the public domain to use against him. Shameful.
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    What is shameful is the creation of the project from the begining. The arm twisting of the attorney general by CHENEY/BUSH to authorize it and going well beyond the security of our nation.

    Years of complaining about this during BUSH and not one peep out of any of you people against it, including you Cheryl.

    The OBAMA administration only continued a program that was authorized by BUSH/CHENEY and the republicans in congress.

    FREEDOM ISNT FREE was the Cute tag line used to sell the american people on losing their privacy rights...

    The patriot act and all the NSA spying was the biggest violation of our civil rights in history, yet, while the republicans have control of the white house, its ok, but now that they dont, they leak out all that has been going on and collectively are all against it now.

    What a joke.

    Like we didnt already know the everything the BUSH administration did was illegal?

    Somehow this is news in 2014.

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    I posted about this in 2006.
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    To refresh your memory:
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    Cisco CEO warns Obama NSA 'load stations' threaten the entire tech industry - ZDNet

    Cisco's CEO John Chambers has asked US president Barack Obama to consider new rules preventing agencies hijacking networking equipment at it moves through the supply chain — or risk undermining confidence in the multi-billion dollar US technology sector.

    In a letter dated 15 May and published by Re/code on Sunday, Chambers responded to claims in a new book by journalist Glenn Greenwald that the National Security Agency (NSA) used "load stations" to implant spy beacons on servers and networking gear shipping from the US to particular customers. News reports included an image purportedly of staff from the NSA's Tailored Access Operations unwrapping a Cisco box.

    Chambers, who said Cisco doesn't work with the government to weaken its own products, believes the intercepts pose a threat to trade and jobs across the US tech sector, and may leave its position in the industry "impaired".
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    First comment on that article:

    What goes around...
    ...comes around. Yes, what NSA's doing is shortsighted and most likely illegal, but - Cisco helped China to build their ‘Great Firewall’ of China as a chance to sell more routers and now they're gonna sell big fat zero...
    Not only that - Huawei is gonna kill them in other countries as well.
    Sold you soul for nothing, Cisco...