FT Driver wants to move to Combo Job but told need 20 years driving.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by MangoMango, Feb 12, 2015.

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    I have been with UPS 18 years, 2 years FT driver and signed my name on combo bid list, but was told I have to have 20 years driving to qualify. How is that possible if combo can switch to driving if they sign the bid list but a driver cannot bid on combo? I thought it would be a lateral move since they are both FT. Im in the West btw.
  2. Mugarolla

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    Who told you that? Bid the job. If they don't let you bid it, talk to your steward.
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    I have seen several people come off of full time package and go combo, and none of them had anywhere close to 20 years driving. I have a feeling whoever told you that needs a good talking to.
  4. jaker

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    in the west I believe it's 15 years driving , yeah I know it's crap and I don't understand it either. Especially when a combo can become a FT driver and then go right to feeder after one year safe driving
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    Maybe he was saying you need at least 20 years to win the bid for a combo job. That is very possible.
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    OK..who told you that?

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    If you have read BC for long enough you should realize that management will throw anything against a wall and see if it will stick. Remember ---- if their lips are moving --its probably (well I won't go so far as to say its a lie but) it will be a "story" that is geared toward waking their job less stressful. I guess that's the polite way to say its BS.