FT drivers bumping pt'ers.

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  1. menotyou

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    Can they lay off up to 4 Ft drivers and they can bump a pt'er?

    *no, I didn't search.
  2. Brownslave688

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    They can bump two part positions to get their 8 hours. I did it for a couple months one year.
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    Yes. They can displace any junior PT employee with less company seniority to get their 8 hours.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    That is the way it is in the Central Region. No, you can not pick and choose which job to bump.
  5. Brownslave688

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    Ok kinda curious here what if by chance it's a really small center and all part timer have more seniority than the full timer that gets laid off?
  6. PT Car Washer

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    Does not have to be a small center or hub. When the volume is down PTers are laid off too. Unemployment I guess. In reallity either a PTer or FTer would take time off to see he gets a paycheck. It's hard just starting out. We have all been there.
  7. East coast navy

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    The language is written that when layoffs happen Ft drivers can desplace 2 Pt loaders. But here's the down side, the can be different shifts. One in the morning and one at night. That can suck.
  8. PT Car Washer

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    Not as much as living in a tent and eating 19 cent tomato soup.
  9. Shifting Contents

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    No. Must have more building seniority AND be qualified to perform the job of the ptmer they are displacing. If not qualified they can prove they can do it (ie take a sort test blind) but he company does not HAVE to train them.

  10. menotyou

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    Preload was the sort I started on, having done every job on it. I worked Metro many times. I have more seniority that all but one one preload, more than a few on metro. We, also, have a preloaded doing 'extra work' by going to the airport every morning, he averages 50 hrs a week.

    They had a meeting at the center last week, and I was told the center was willing to let us, but the union shot the idea down.

    I am in NYS. CNY. If someone could point me to the language, I would really appreciate it. I know the local is wrong, as I think they are up to something. The FT'ers threatened with this possibility are nervous. One FT driver just retired and his job is up for bid in a bit. Why would they bid it, if they are threatening to lay off the new FT'ers?

    I am ahead of three other people. I don't want to brown up in the hopes of someone taking a dead day. I don't want to play those games. I want to do what, contractually, is the correct thing to do.

    All else fails, I will play the dead day game, but I can't believe the union would want that. I don't want to bump anyone, either. I just have to protect me.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would be damned if I took a dead day when I had the opportunity to get my hours by working in the hub.
  12. menotyou

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    DAve, what I meant by the dead day game as a last recourse, I meant I'll work if a more senior takes a dead day for me. I know they will, but we shouldn't have to do that. I know we can bump pt'ers(again, something I don't want to have to do), but I have to look out for me.

    BH came down and said we can't bump any pt'er. I know this is not true. That's why, in case I have to, I want to cya and find out where in the contract to look so I can make a valid case. BH was the one who said casuals can't go off preload on a weekly basis, even though it's clearly stated in our supplements.

    If you are aware of the clause, I would appreciate any help.
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Whenever we have drivers, feeder or package, who are laid off and want to get their hours, they can bump PTers in non-skilled positions. I have seen them unloading/loading package cars, breaking down pallets and loading trailers. They do not work the smalls sort.
  14. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Thank you. I will reference this tidbit with BH, if that's ok with you.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Tell him he needs to address the package car driver who wants to bid in to feeders----this issue is holding up our bid cycle.
  16. menotyou

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    I will. :happy-very:
  17. 3 done 3 to go

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  18. InsideUPS

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    Greetings Menotyou...

    The short answers to your question is "yes" and "no". Now if that doesn't leave you confused....nothing will ; )

    There is nothing more confusing than interpreting our contract as a whole. Language in one section of the contract will supersede language in another part. For example, below is the language pertaining to seniority and layoffs in our Central Region Supplement. NOTICE the RED underlined statement where it states that this language shall not supersede LOCAL agreements. Generally, LOCAL agreements and language supersedes many other portions of the contract. This can be both good and bad. In your case and at your LOCAL, it sounds like it may not be beneficial for you or other full-time drivers. Why your BA would not allow FT drivers to bump two part-time employees is unknown to me. It is NOT this way at our LOCAL.

    Many people also are not aware that once you sign a grievance, you give full rights for your Union and BA to negotiate for you. In other words, what he or she says or agrees to with the company.....on your behalf, YOU also agree to those terms or conditions...

    IF your BA agrees to certain issues with the company that you do not agree with (such as this issue) ....you and other FT drivers should contact him to express your concerns.

    Hope this helps some....

    Central Region Supplement - Ohio

    Section 5-Full-time Employees

    In the event of a layoff of a full-time employee, he/she shall have the right to displace the least senior full-time employee in any classification, for which they were previously qualified, to remain in his/her center. Previously qualified is defined as having regularly performed said work sometime during the previous eighteen (18) months.
    In the event the employee has not been qualified in any classi- fication, he/she may exercise their rights as per Article 3, Section 6 or exercise their right to bump to another center as outlined below.
    When an employee is laid off for one (1) week or more, he/she may, on the following Monday, exercise his/her Company- wide seniority to displace the employee having the least seniority in any other center within the jurisdiction of the local union, provided he/she is qualified to perform the job of such junior employee. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the Company of his/her intentions on the previous Friday. His/Her seniority shall be dovetailed at such center and he/she shall remain there until work is restored at their original cen- ter. Work restored is defined as the necessity for another per- manent employee in the original center in their classification. This Section shall supersede the six-for-one provision else- where in this Agreement.
    Recalls and restoration of forces shall be in the reverse order of layoff.
    In all cases of layoffs, reduction of forces, recalls and restora- tion of forces, an affected employee shall select his/her desired classification immediately in order to meet service commitments. Further, in all cases, an employee must be qualified to perform the duties of the job selected.
    A laid-off employee shall be given two (2) weeks’ notice of recall if the employee is laid off two (2) weeks or more. The employee must notify the Employer within three (3) days after receipt thereof, as to whether or not he/she intends to report for work at the designated time. Failure to give timely notice to the Employer or to report at the agreed-upon time within the designated period will result in the loss of all seniority rights and the employee will be considered terminated.
    Full-time combination employees will work their bid job when work is available. It is understood that daily adjust- ments can be made to ensure all work assignments are covered. Employees will work as directed when work is not available in the employees regular assigned job. When combination employees are temporarily moved off his/her job it shall be by total company seniority from those employees qualified and available, in the immediate work area.
    Total company seniority will be used when staffing reduc- tions are necessary within a work area that consists of full- time and part-time employees.

    This language will not supersede current local agreements.

    Section 6
    Laid-off, full-time seniority employees, in the order of their seniority, may elect to take the work of one (1) or two (2) part- time employees, for the duration of the layoff, provided they have more total Company seniority. In such cases, the full- time employees shall be guaranteed a minimum of three and one-half (3 1/2) hours work at the prevailing rate of pay for the classification of work he/she performs, or the rate of pay per Article 41, Section 3, which ever rate is higher, in addition to all fringe benefits. Employees who have not completed pro- gression shall be paid in accordance with the progression scale in Article 41, Section 3 or their prevailing inside rate whichev- er is higher. Article 40 employees will be paid in accordance with Article 40, Section 6. If a full-time employee bumps two part-time employees, said full-time employee shall receive time-and-one-half after eight (8) hours of work. After thirty (30) working days in a ninety (90) calendar day period under this provision, a full-time employee may elect to bump the least senior full-time employee in his/her building, excluding automotive, maintenance mechanics and feeder drivers, and have up to thirty (30) calendar days to qualify for said full- time position. If a laid-off, full-time employee elects to take a layoff rather than exercise his/her right to displace a part-time employee, he/she shall be considered a laid-off employee for lack of work for the purpose of unemployment compensation.
  19. undies

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    I'll be damned if I have to go back into the hub. Pay cut and a stupid teenage supervisor trying to tell me to hurry up.
  20. What if my company seniority is 16 years but building seniority is only 3 years? (transferred buildings) Are you saying a full-timer with less than 16 years can NOT bump me?