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  1. I work preload, we work 60-65 hours a week. What do you guys typically work and does anyone consider this normal.
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    You work to much if thats the case. I can see this as an on car supe. But as a PDS? You must be one hell of a supervisor.
  3. Preload supervisor as in I run a boxline, our preload manager is working around 80 hours a week. We're working 12-13 hours a night no lunch straight production and we're all burning out. We had late nights but they have been taken away for some time now because we can't meet our PPH goal.
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    Depends on the operation and your particular area of responsibility. If a manager wants you all to show up 3 hours before and walk out as a team at the end of the shift and you run a long sort, then yes, you're easily in 60+. If you're on car, looking at even more. Hub, preload, package it doesn't really matter. What matters is what your building/division peers are doing. If you're putting in 60 and the next to you puts in 40, then something is off.

    Now what do you mean you're running 12 hours straight production? Preloads don't last 12 hours, even in peak.
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    Our PDS will come in a half hour or so before the preload to get everything set up. He is also an on-car when the other is on vacation. There are days when he puts in 12-13 hours but for the most part it is 8 and skate.
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    I always wondered what FT sups and managers do all day when a sort only last 4 hours or so.
  7. Getting dumped on
  8. Worst job of my life and I deployed twice in the marines and was shot at and blown up. Would pick that any day over being a FT preload sup
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    What in the world would require you to work 60-65 hours a week? Our whole preload is run by a PTer who might do 30 hours a week on a bad week.
    Fixing ORION, work on dispatch plan for next day (we don't have a full time dispatch sup), help resolves customer concerns that the OMS is too inept to handle. There's actually quite a bit to do. This week throw in panic for July 3rd.
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    You have to remember, not all centers are created equal.
    You may have a short preload, but I know for a fact that even the PT sups on ours average over 7 hours per week. It's too big. PT's come in about 2-3 and are finally milling out just after the cars leave at 9.

    Also it should be noted that FT preload sups are different than center sups. Center management comprise the center manager, OMS, PDS, On Road, Data, and PTPCS' in varying FT/PT capacities depending on center size. Preload management is more of a hub structure... Manager, FT Sup, PT Sups per boxline, Flow Control/Console, etc.
    Preload != Center.
    Equally, FT Preload Sup is not a PDS.
  12. Did I mention were a FT preload as well with a bunch of geriatrics. We run 79-82pph on a plan of 84 and average 100 misleads a day.
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    If our preload ran a 79pph our preload sup would be holding a can by walmart begging for extra change.

    How many cars do you load on average?
  14. Each pull has 6-8
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  16. You think I'm full of BS but I'm dead serious
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    Hiring more loaders to load 3-4 cars each and cranking the belt up would save time and money.
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    Said the guy that never worked pre-load but somehow knows everything about it.
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    Do you think their current operation makes sense?