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    Anyone know if a full time driver in a progression from the old contract will get the back pay when new contract is ratified? BA said EVERYONE will get back pay. Anyone know? Thoughts?
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    Think for a minute. If the contract were in effect right now, what would your pay rate be??? If there is a difference, then you will get back pay, if not, then you will not.
  3. UPSGUY72

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    Drivers in progress only get progression raise and not the yearly raises.

    So if you started your progression before Aug 1, 2013.

    You only get the following raises and not the yearly raise.

    Start $ 16.10
    Seniority $17.25
    12 months $18.45
    24 months $20.75
    36 months Top rate

    If you started your progression After Aug 1,2013 but before the contract gets implemented a couple of things could happen.

    1. The one most people would want but most likely won't happen is you are on the 3 years progression as above.

    2. The most likely to happen you currently on the get paid the 3 years progression rate but get back pay for the difference when the contract is implemented and have a 4 year progression with pay raise below and again you don't get the yearly raises.

    Start $18.75
    Seniority $18.75
    12 Months $19.50
    24 Months $21.00
    36 Months $25.00
    48 months TOP rate
  4. B.

    B.A. In my local also said that even in a progression full time employee will receive 70 cents raise for implementation of the new contract. Everyone member gets that raise regardless if they are in any progression.
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    Sure you'll get it. AFTER you finish progression. Be happy you're in 3 year progression and not 4 year.
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  6. saintrick

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    Do we not have a driver who's progression transversed two contracts that can answer this?

    The language is clear that if your progression is inside one contract you only get the progression raise.

    Does the following language not apply to drivers who progression spans two contracts?

    2013 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2014 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2015 seventy cents ($0.70)
    2016 eighty cents ($0.80)
    2017 one dollar ($1.00)

    Full-time employees still in progression on the effective date of this Master Agreement shall receive the above contractual increases. They will be paid no less than what they are entitled to in accordance with Article 41,Section 2 below.

  7. Per local 63 reps they say In progression full time employees get the first 70cents regardless. Just the first raise because we are in a contract renewal
  8. UPSGUY72

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    Read article 41, Section 2.
  9. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    My progression spanned two
    Contracts I believe you get progression raises that's it. You do not receive the general wage increases.

    You get the first raise because its contract renewal? Yeah ok..... Just trust me don't go spending that back pay check before you get it. Because you're not gonna get it.
  10. Two contracts huh? Lol Ok.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why do you find this funny? It is quite common for progressions to start during one contract and carry over to the next. Your progression is governed by the terms of the contract in which you began the progression.
  12. upschuck

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    In 2018, all progressions will span two contracts.
  13. saintrick

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    Hired after July of this year will span two.
  14. I see what your saying. I thought he meant progression through two contract negotiations.
  15. None the less I'm just regurgitating what Our B.A. has said only time will tell who is right. Either way My finances are in order
  16. von kaiser

    von kaiser Knock, drop, and roll

    I asked this same question a month ago and the way I am interpreting the contract language is that drivers hired before Aug 1st 2013 will keep the 3-year progression but get paid the higher 4-year progression wages. So our progression should look like:

    Seniority $18.75
    12 months $19.50
    24 months $21.00
    36 months Top Scale

    I began driving in March 11th 2013, so I expect $1.50/hr ($18.75 - $17.25) retro for hours worked from Aug 1st 2013 - Mar 11th 2014, and then $1.05/hr ($19.50 - $18.45) from Mar 11th forward (yes, plus the OT)…I don't expect the contract hold-up to end before March. The 4-year progression wages are higher than the 3-year + $.70 annual raises so the 4-year wages are what we are entitled to. Asked my local and several senior drivers in my center and they agreed this is the case. Download your paystubs from UPSers, bust out a calculator, and pick up some grievance forms because I'm sure UPS will try to screw you out of your retro pay, however the language is pretty clear in the contract that we are entitled to it. Stay on top of it.
  17. abadjam

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    full time driver starting pay still at 16.10
  18. Bottom rung

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    I'm currently in progression. My BA says I'll get the 70 cents for the new contract. But not the higher pay scale of the new contract. I sent a few emails to the folks at contractfacts regarding the pay issue. According to them... You will remain in the 3-year progression. You will get the GWI and make no less than the old progression.

    As much as I'd hope for the wage increase that jordanovich outlined I just don't see that working out.
  19. von kaiser

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    You may be correct, but according to the language in Article 41 we are at least entitled to the annual $.70 raises. I'm going to take this up with my local and fight for the higher progression wages.
  20. don't want to be a dick but I got that new contract raise and I have a year left on my progression. Just thought I would let you know