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    I have been at UPS for only 5 months now as a Twilight loader. I took the job primarily for health benefits as I was concered about my wife's job. Fortunately her job is safe now and I no longer have to worry about the benefits. Last year I got laid off from my job of 18 years and with small children this was a priority. I never really thought about UPS full time but I do have degree and work experience. Does anyone know of people who have made the jump from part time to full time in any capacity? Not talking about driver or positions based on senority. Just don't know where to inquire about positions. I would love to work for corporate and change things up a bit...as a loader I certainly see what goes on and people's frustrations...that in itself would probably disqualify me from just about everything. Thanks. I am 41 and the oldest feeder loader in our building by at least 10 years...I guess that makes me stupid.
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    Nobody can change this place.
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    I don't see anything stupid at all. Contact your HR dept and tell them exactly what you wrote here. Most full time in every job at UPS started part time. Your degree may help secure a position that could benefit you and UPS. The dirty little secret is UPS needs good management to survive going forward. Just don't forget what you've learned in the load. Good Luck and Merry Christmas.
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    Not stupid ... maybe impressive!
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    Well said Inthegame.
    Although you actually have no control over the ramifications of your advice.
    Not quite heaven,not quite hell.
    You sound young and positive.I like that.
    The OP needs to at least try.
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    Maybe you could show him how to fire up the printer and
    load up the stapler. Remember hoax,he wants YOUR job:wink2:
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    good management at UPS. That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.
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    you are not stupid , and your at a good age just sign every bid sheet thats put up and remeber theres aggravation at any job. when your with ups no matter what you did in the past ,is just that (the past), just stick it out you will move up , just think you stay and you retire not matter how many years you do. f that will be more than you have at another, place good luck. I hope you do good