Full year raise question.


I want to say, I know there are a few threads asking similar questions, but I’ve read them and none particularly pertain to my circumstances. And I apologize for making another thread, but I just want to ask a simple question. My wage has just increased to 13 an hour, my full year will be up late June/early July (I need to check). Will I get a raise then or since it went to 13 already, I’ll have to wait? Thanks in advanced for any answers.


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All part-time employees who have attained seniority as of August 1, 2018 and are at three (3) years or less in the “all others” progression:
8/1/18: $13.00 (new start rate)
8/1/19: $14.00 (new start rate)
8/1/20: $14.80 ($.80 GWI)
8/1/21: $15.70 ($.90 GWI)
8/1/22: $16.70 ($1.00 GWI