Funky looking DIAD


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Saw a picture in one of the newly posted articles regarding UPS in Dubai, UAE. His DIAD looks like that of one FedEx uses. Do different UPSs around the world have different DIADS other than the minor language changes and differences in DIAD III and IV?


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I bet it doesn't have a shift key. I wonder how many breaks they get during the day in Middle East countries.:confused:1


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Now let me see, it could be one of several things.

With the money saving mode UPS seems to be in, it could be that they got a good deal on some that FEDEX is replacing.....or since Im sure they are on PAS already overseas, they have all the information already loaded into the Schtik and all the driver has to do is scroll down to the stop, get the signature, and clarify it on the way back to the car.

Of course it could be the newest version of diad that UPS is coming out with, which if that is the case, we are just now getting to where FEDEX was 5 or 6 years ago?

It boggles the mind.



This is not a Diad...this is only a scan the trk and write the name of the cnee manually


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This is a long stretch, but...

I know UAE does not allow anything manufactured in Israel in their country. I know diad 3 is manufactured in Israel by motorola.


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Thats not a diad at all, thats a SUPER UPS robot and thats his battery pack. He can run 300 stops a day and do it in only 8 hours.