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    I have been driving for 20+ years so I need to keep myself entertained by thinking outside of the box sometimes.

    The route I deliver has three colleges on it. Since I am a genius I take my month of vacation all right now (so I don't have to deal with all the back to school mess).

    Anyways, I usually come in 10 minutes early and sort out some of my truck. I tell everyone I was there for an hour (just another way to keep myself amused). You should see the look on the other driver's faces when I tell them that.

    Knowing I would be on vacation for a month I wanted to give a newer driver an opportunity to learn through the "hard knocks." So I went to the preload sup and told them it would be easier for me to deliver if they just paled ALL of my my college deliveries in the 1300 section. Being a preload sup, she believed me and didn't even question it. So they moved everything from the floors 1,2,3,4, 2000, and 3000 section to 1300.

    I know my customers really well and they love me! Usually I just drop of all the packages for a college in one spot. But I told them to help me out with this prank by only receiving what goes to their building!

    My wife works during the week and could not get vacation during this month. So I am pretty bored. This past week has been entertaining though. After I get my fill of interweb movies (if you know what I mean) I go to the college and sit in my car and watch the driver that is covering my route.

    He is learning SO much! I really think I am helping the company out here! He will be SUCH a GREAT driver by the time this month is over! I think we should all start this way! It's a win/win for everyone!
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    wow atatbl thats mean
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    Funny, but mean.
  5. Completly disgusted!!!
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    Ya know, I would be completely disgusted if someone did that to me. :happy-very:
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    I think cobra agent wants a TLA with you
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    LMFAO! :happy-very:

    Well played

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    Wish you was my mentor lol
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    Well.... I don't have "T"s, but the ladies tell me my "L"s and "A" are rather nice.
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    Scumbag status.
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    He ( Cobra Agent) is COMPLETLY DISGUSTED with you.

    Laughing my :censored2: off. This one is funny atabl !!!!
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    Nice, Atatbl !
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    For some reason, statements like these are even funnier on forums like this.
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    Could someone help me with this hook?

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    Thank you. It might end up making your job (mod) harder in the long run. Parody threads can be absolutely hilarious when people put time into them. I definitely could have done better with this one if I didn't rush through it.

    Sometimes, people go over the line with them, but hopefully that won't happen here. Like I said, by opening this flood gate I could have made it harder for you. But if people remain civil we may get more laughs than ever. I have seen some pretty creative stuff from posters here (almost all serious though). Now, if they decide they want to do something like this I hope I find myself crying tears of laughter at their creations.

    If I save even one child, it was all worth it.

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