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  1. over9five

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    How the Hell do you sheet these? I havent done one for years, but I got two today. There used to be a way to enter it AS a fur call, but I couldnt find it. Used to be in the screen with "driver followup".
  2. brownmonster

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    Been driving for 15 years and never saw one. Thought they went the way of the Rural Route Remote Initiative.
  3. wigman

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    Same here. 15 years and not one. Thought it was just a legend.
  4. clarkie

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    Help a rookie out (10 years). What's a fur call? I've never heard of it.
  5. dammor

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    A Fur call is when you have had too much to drink and can no longer swallow. It is sheeted as #3 on the special soft key. I believe the #3 has something to do with 3 sheets to the wind. The time allowance for it is minimal though and I would not recommend using it.
  6. pkg_commando

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    A "Fur Call" is an empty box, supplied by a furrier to UPS. Usually a flat long box with tape tabs attached. It will have a label to the customer who has a fur coat or whatever and another label to the fur storage co. The purpose is to pick up a fur coat and send it to summer storage. You must witness the fur being placed in the box and you seal it up or the old lady will screw up the tape for sure. I usually ask them to double check the pockets! I have seen my fair share of these parcels and believe me, the people who get them are pains in the neck. Anyway, to sheet one I think you just use the CALL key on the DIAD III. Whatever you do, as you have been told, sheet it. These days, a wrong entry is better than none at all. I hope this explanation helps.
  7. dannyboy

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    WE used to have them for other things besides fur coats, but any more they have been replaced by ARS.

    But they did supply the empty box for the customer to place the item in. As has been posted, it was a real pain in the behind, as most were never ready, or had other excuses for not sending them back.


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  8. abuckover

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    Hehe weird stuff. I've been around 8 years and never seen one of these, but always wondered what FUR meant on the DIAD. Never wouldve guessed that it actually referred to fur. Must be a holdover from when we specialised in department store deliveries. Now, could someone tell me what PAS and loos are?
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    Ok I might be able to help here on this one..
    Is it Pas or Pal? (it's PAL on our FTMs)
    Anyways.. this is usually TDP abbrevs.

    Pal= pallets loaded
    Loos= the number of individual parcels the driver must handle (load) that is not part of the pallet.

    Hope this helped.
  10. over9five

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    I have a pas acct! After I deliver, I hook my DIAD up to their printer and it prints all the packages I delivered to them. The pas screen tells you how many times you did this today.
  11. dannyboy

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    There are at least two different ways that we download information into. One is straight to a printer, and the other is a download into their computer system. I use the later. You take the same device that you use on the printer, and hook it onto your diad. In the main screen hit 8, then enter over the stop that is highlighted. Takes about 10 seconds per 200 packages. I think that to the printer is 7 from the same screen, but takes much longer. HEll I dont know, i just do it without thinking anymore.

    THat allows the ability to double check, since they also scan every package that comes in. A real must in a secured area.