FXG Star V Motorola TC77 zebra scanner


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Ok, so after a week with this smartphone, I'm kinda impressed with the speed of scanning and rebooting if needed...


That docking/ charging cradle is huge





Boot up was lightning fast compared to the Motorola mc 9500


Switching between apps was seamless, no lag whatsoever, I had to use maps for a possible misplot before I used DEX 012, because the address on the manifest was different than on the label itself.


Hmm, does it cost extra to have this enabled?


Web app only goes to the software company, so I guess I can't stream YouTube music videos while I'm preloading my cargo for the day, sighs...

Ok, limit reached... brb


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CpC texting is found on top part & is always visible... it shows up like that if u got a reply from them or from other drivers.



U highlight + then defaults to CpC...

Or u can add/ edit contact s



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There are more ways to skin the cat during a driver release... so scan the barcode...

I usually hold on the tracking number until that pops up.

Sliding the bus vs resis is an option if u want to be more accurate with the stop. Bus will most likely prompt for a signature.

The menu I circled is also another path to processing the stop...


The driver release is an icon of a person... stop complete is the check mark on top right of the screen

Highlight your choice & it'll prompt for a door tag that's not FD or MC
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Finally, I oriented the cradle to landscape mode, just so I can see out the windshield better... and to slide it out quickly.

is there a setting that I didn't discover yet to view the manifest in landscape mode???

Very beefy unit, seems to be similar to Amazonian rabbit scanners... I will miss the physical keyboard buttons...

@Whither @amazondriverdude , right? Just different software...


Geezus, that's daunting since now they're lugging more boxes than smaller envelopes and bags
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Tried one of these for a day. It's so much better than the old scanners. Before if I had 2 boxes I'd scan one inside the truck then the 2nd at their door since it took so long but this thing is instant. Also doesn't feel like you're carrying a brick around all day.


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Just for a day? I also have to modify the old holster to accommodate the new scanner... too deep of a pocket.

Scanning range is impressive, I was still on the driver seat& scan a box on the passenger side floor; u Don't need to line up the red cross hairs perfectly.

The flashlight is also helpful, just use in short bursts to conserve battery if u don't have a charging dock


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V-Track | Fleet Management

Yeah, this is a complete package for subcontractors without ground cloud. It's already built in, so just enable it???

The only thing is I Don't get to see the big picture of my stops for the day. Bad for cover/swing drivers, but those with area knowledge can scroll through

Plus, the B.C.can text the scanners directly as well as tracking the drivers thru their laptops at the comforts of home


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Yeah, that is y I turned that humongous dock sideways...

I'm enabling pursuit mode now to get to my first stop! Move outta da way!!!


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Ground Motto of course... can you even see out the windshield with all that crap connected to it, along with your black ice air freshener?
Exactly! Another indication why Express is superior to Ground. Maybe a GPS-dedicated 55" Samsung LCD mounted on the dash would help. SMH


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U think these scanners are big, try those stupid iPad tablets that some FXG drivers are using... I told them I don't need or want that contraption.


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The microphone w0rx!


So I'll be walking back to my package vehicle& I usually add a stop comment for items that aren't a standard brown box...

Typing on a touch screen sux, especially when it'll be cold/ wet soon...

Butt, it's pretty responsive! & it remembers previous phrases so I can just highlight it and close the stop quicker...

For signatures, I'll let them sign with their finger, tap on the microphone & let them say their last name... awesome sauce! I really don't give a eff if it slightly misspelled it, I just hit accept

Texted a neighboring driver,


Told him the same ting... just speak into it, LoL.

And CpC... Wut, they never experience a dog ripping up a box after driver release???



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O.k. my bad... I knew I had FXG on the title so I got a bit confused.

The only label printouts on the Ground side are call tags, which is once in a blue moon.

Back to track...


I need to know how to keep this view in landscape mode permanently... it only shows up like that occasionally. U subcontractors have the trick to it?

Texting CpC as I run my route is sooo much smoother than the older ppad.


I just hit the microphone and speech to text takes over while I'm walking back to my package vehicle...


subcontractor, can confirm if there's no more penalty if an evening delivery is scanned outside the time window? I was done at 1630, but had to waste time for the delivery

P.S. Wal-Mart is using a similar Motorola scanner so this unit is not just at FedEx
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Whelp, I guess u subcontractors dunno yet either...

Latest update today: stop sequence number is up along with the typical SiD#...

I recently told my BC to cut my last SiD cluster in half, so I won't be sifting through 50 boxes & wasting time on package selection.

If I number them by stop order, it'll take longer on the preload, but fly them off my truck when on route. The only deterrent to doing it that way, u have to wait for the sort to finish.

It'll be fine for the later supplemental drivers that come in on the 2nd wave.

Another update:


Whoooo! FedEx is targeting the millennial :censored2: drivers for this peak! That's if they have enough of these new scanners for them...


I liked this the best. Because I actually updated the addresses in my bid route a few months ago, LoL


I haven't used this app at all... so others can chime in on waze.

They all can't give u the big picture of all the stops for the day, like on ground cloud (from what others have experienced)