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    Why should UPS be liable for this when gay marriage isn't even recognized in 49 of the 50 states? New Jersey, the state in question, isn't the one. They wants full rights? Then they should move to Massachusetts.
  2. If NJ law requires domestic partnership benefits, then UPS should provide them.
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    But NJ doesn't recognize gay marriage as a legit marriage. Therefore it doesn't exist and UPS is not required to provide benefits pertaining to marriage that doesn't exist.
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    Only in the state of NJ? Or does NJ now force us to do the same in every state?

    how do we monitor domestic relationship that are not bound by marriage. When did the relationship start when did it end? No marriage license no divorce papers.

    What if NJ now wants us to recognize beastial relationships do we now abide by that law in that one state also.
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    Im gonna agree with him on this one....
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    I don't recognize Civil Unions to be the same as traditional marriage. Gay couples cannot have children naturally, so to me, they cannot get married. I don't care if they have some ceremony devoting themselves to each other, it just isn't the same. If some company wants to give them health benefits, that should be up to that company. The last time I read a national poll on this issue, 75% of respondents were against Gay marriage.
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    What is really a sad sign of the times is that we can't have a reasoned discussion about this without it turning hateful.

    UPS will look at this in terms of dollars and cents, just like UPS does every other decision. UPS is in competition with other corporations for labor. As other corporations offer expanded benefits to more people, those companies will begin to draw talented workers away from UPS. UPS will likely look to expand benefits accordingly to bring itself back in line or ahead of other companies.

    One problem is that in their haste to pass anti-gay marriage laws, many states have outlawed the creation of a situation "equal to that of marriage" for people not married. Many of these laws are so poorly written, such as the one here in Kentucky, that it could prevent even non-married heterosexual couples from receiving a benefit.

    There are many layers to this issue, it deserves thoughtful consideration.
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    Ill Scratch to that!
  10. Most of you are offensive on several points. Firstly, look at this:

    Gallup Poll. May 10-13, 2007. N=1,003 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.
    "As you may know, there has been considerable discussion in the news regarding the rights of homosexual men and women. In general, do you think homosexuals should or should not have equal rights in terms of job opportunities?"
    Should 89%
    Should Not 8%
    Depends 1%
    Unsure 2%
    "Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?"
    Should 46%
    Should Not53%
    Unsure 1%


    So only 53% of Americans are against gay marriage, not 75%.

    Secondly, the law is the law. If the law provides for domestic partnership benefits, and DPs do include straight people also, then the law must be followed.

    Domestic partnerships are defined as two people (GAY OR STRAIGHT) living in the same household for a specified amount of time. PEOPLE, not beasts such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. Therefore, beastiality does not count. And NJ did not legalize beastiality rights.

    over9five, gays are not "sick deviants" who "should be asking for help." Grow up.

    I can't believe that such bigotry still exists...
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    Theres tons of gay folks here,some blatant some you'd never know,but they never bothered me none.Every year in Toronto we have a huge dyke march,followed the next day by a gay pride parade.I went down
    to check it out once.Its a spectacle to behold,even the mayor sits on a float with a supersoaker.There was some nudity,but the police were
    complacent and for the most part it was fun to watch.
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    Majority rules! Whether it be by one percent or by 100. Besides...those polls aren't accurate. It all depends on who you poll, where you poll, and what day. For that reason I ignore them. The only way those polls would come anywhere close to being accurate is if you could somehow combine all the polls conducted over a year's time and average them out.

    The New Jersey law does not apply to union employees because the company's employee benefits are governed by federal law. So are right..."the law is the law."

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. It's as simple as that. 49 out of 50 states agree. "The law is the law."

    Hey Over9five...this dude flammed me! LOL. My post was "not approved." I'm truly offended! LOL!
  13. Whatever... you all can hate as much as you want... I'm done with this thread.
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    The main question as far as gays and UPS goes is "can you deliver packages while skipping as fast as you can running? Also can you claim work comp for a "limp wrist"? You silly savages!
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    Hate? Bigotry? Have you ever stopped to think that it's the act of being gay that people have a problem with and not the individuals? Put the hate and bigotry card back in the deck with the race card where they belong. There is no card game here.
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    Re: Civil Rights

    It’s going to be a remarkable year when it comes to Civil Rights. First time ever, there will be a UPS employee driving with a beard on, I heard in Dallas, TX and benefits for Gay couples. :thumbup1:
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    Re: Civil Rights

    It's a sad time when ambulance chasing lawyers can dictate the way companys should run their business. Especially companys that have been around as long as UPS has.

    This country is being eaten alive from within the same way Rome was. The disease is called Moral Decay.
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    Maybe not hate or bigotry, just sad ignorance.
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    Like it or not you have been working and sweating beside gay people. They have worked as hard as you and also bleed when cut. I'm sorry, but the only thing I really hate is the intolerance and ignorance of those that run in fear of those that are different than they are. How does giving them the same rights as far as insurance and such threaten you? Doing so will not make you gay. As far as the limp wrist BS, I have seen many "normal" UPSers with the same affliction.